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  1. A verb from the noun "obstacle?"
  2. Tense shifts during sentences
  3. Dashes and Parentheses
  4. Paragraph I'm not sure on...
  5. Proper enough to capitalize?
  6. "Each" followed by pronouns
  7. Arctic vs arctic
  8. Do and Does
  9. caloric value vs calorie value
  10. Neither is, neither are
  11. I'm struggling with using "then."
  12. Fangorious
  13. Substitute X for Z - meaning?
  14. Studying Grammer and Syntax
  15. Gerund and Participle Question
  16. Starting a sentence with a "time" number
  17. To Have or To Hold?
  18. "income lagged expectations"
  19. The LY song and dance
  20. Apostrophes
  21. Proved or proven?
  22. Is this proper punctuation?
  23. Help me fix awkward sentences!
  24. Study book / novel with examples of various sentence structures.
  25. He said/she said?
  26. 30 hours or thirty hours?
  27. Metric or Imperial
  28. How to pluralize unkindness when refering to groups of ravens?
  29. Phrase Help
  30. Volunteerism VS Voluntarism?
  31. Punctuating 'So it was that'
  32. Supernatural or paranormal?
  33. punctuating thoughts of words
  34. The British way ...
  35. 'lie' vs 'lay'
  36. the modern way of writing 'eg', ie', 'etc', 'viz' and 'et al'?
  37. Elimination of Cumbersome Punctuation Marks
  38. Comma Elimination
  39. Date Format to Your Eye
  40. Military Time
  41. Single Markers to Denote the Plurals
  42. OK, Ok, ok, or O'kay?
  43. Within vs. inside
  44. has or have
  45. Likeable vs Likable
  46. Hyphenate after 'to-be' verbs in these examples?
  47. 'no thanks' vs 'no, thanks'
  48. Infinitive Phrase
  49. Deactivate My Account
  50. Passive?
  51. Announcement: A Ban On Inappropriate Punctuation
  52. Capitalizing Food
  53. "Here" or "there"?
  54. Quotation marks or not?
  55. on-screen, or onscreen, or on screen??
  56. old fashioned punctuation
  57. Trying to tighten my grammar
  58. "Tomorrow" Wil said as he dodged past "I get paid tomorrow"
  59. Can One Have Too Much Grammar?
  60. Please recommend to me a grammar book
  61. "who" or "whom" time
  62. Historical usage dictionaries?
  63. Parentheses and periods
  64. Could someone explain these
  65. Use of the word "for"
  66. The sound of gunfire?
  67. slash - as a slang word
  68. Mixing Possessive Adjectives
  69. Grammar video
  70. Referencing the Past in Present Tense
  71. Multiple Tenses in a Sentence
  72. Explain this sentence to me
  73. is the second sentence correct?
  74. This will last (for) two hours
  75. Name a recently coined word....
  76. Replacing the word "made" or "caused"
  77. announcer's voice - dialogue formating?
  78. Spaces between sentences
  79. Dashes
  80. Seemed, Appeared, Almost
  81. "This" vs "Next"
  82. how to hyphenate eight by ten?
  83. FOR SALE sign in quotes?
  84. Grammatical use of 'f' as 's' in old texts?
  85. At The Same Time...
  86. rich dudes with numbers in their names (question)
  87. What tense to use?
  88. Help with a sentence, or two.
  89. At least until
  90. Was Not / Were Not?
  91. Breaking Up Words at the End of a Line
  92. Masters degree vs. masters degree
  93. Titles and such
  94. Is v. Was - when the latter looks weird
  95. Not sure what this modifies...
  96. When a name is not a name.
  97. Why can't past tense and past perfect be combined in a paragraph?
  98. A music video about semicolons.
  99. Comma - list of items (not the same kind)
  100. American term for 'busker'
  101. Period or comma in this situation?
  102. Two cups coffee
  103. Titles, capitals and direct address
  104. Grammar question about phrases and modifiers
  105. Characters giving speeches
  106. Awake, awoke, ahh..
  107. Do you have strong feelings about semi-colons?
  108. Ship names and italics
  109. Pronunciation
  110. using a or an when next word has silent consonant beginning
  111. Born from? Born of? Born by?
  112. Does this exist?
  113. The Rule (and bending it?)
  114. Bluish, reddish
  115. Two by four?
  116. Who adopted who?
  117. past and past perfect together?
  118. the Plague or The Plague?
  119. Sentence Ending: Wants vs. Wants To
  120. When to use numbers vs. words
  121. Interrupting dialogue with em-dashes?
  122. Some odd sentences ;)
  123. Question about pauses, commas, dashes, and parenthesis
  124. Reversing sentences?
  125. Past and present tense in first-person
  126. Adverb placement and "was"
  127. Questionable sentence structure
  128. Spell out currency or not?
  129. Front and back of the checkout lane
  130. , and then
  131. "deeply reported" means what, exactly?
  132. Question on apostrophes
  133. Novel grammar and English grammar
  134. Why is there no comma here? Can anyone explain the rule?
  135. Should "Late" Only Be Used for the Recently Deceased?
  136. Tense Help?
  137. The or not
  138. Timed Grammar Test
  139. on/off buttons, switches
  140. Media has or media have?
  141. Can "bandmates" be one word?
  142. Can someone sense check this sentence please?
  143. Who comes first, him or me?
  144. This LITERALLY blows my mind...
  145. names and nouns and commas, oh my
  146. A comma or a period?
  147. Vocabulary drenched in bourbon, monocles and mustaches
  148. What say you?
  149. Stuttering dialogue questions.
  150. Questions about commander, king, etc
  151. Is and Are
  152. What's the correct way to write this sentence?
  153. Plurals of foreign words that don't actually have plurals
  154. Capitalization after a colon?
  155. Another was v. were
  156. His title is too long
  157. Debate over, about, on
  158. Things you would tell an ESL student learning English *not serious*
  159. Action interrupting speaker that is in turn quoting
  160. Rules of grammar you find yourself defying?
  161. Adjective creation/use
  162. A verb: "tests for"
  163. Past-Present-Future tense: S.O.S
  164. Struggling with the syntax of this Sentence
  165. Which sentence?
  166. Eliminating the "ly" adverb
  167. Do these sentences make sense to you? Lots of commas.
  168. Dialog tags in the middle of dialog
  169. punctuation question
  170. Articles: sand, ocean
  171. Annual Number?
  172. What would be the correct punctuation for this kind of dialogue?
  173. Best way to do em dash in dialogue at the edge of the page?
  174. Capitalization of historic events?
  175. 90 percent "of" and the "is/are" question
  176. "As If" Question
  177. A question, a thought and a tag
  178. Simile or mixed metaphor (legless donkey)?
  179. Question that isn't a question?
  180. Questions and Dialogue Tags?
  181. The over-use of simplic -"ity"
  182. Punctuation and Italics
  183. Italics in General
  184. A question about relative pronouns and actions
  185. -ly and -ing
  186. To Publish
  187. How to write distances and measurements in a novel.
  188. Conditional in first-person past tense narrative
  189. sentence fragments and periods
  190. Grammar Question: Would or Could?
  191. Comma police.. what do you make of this sentence?
  192. Each Other
  193. comma inside a quotation inside a quotation
  194. Tense shift
  195. Refers to, stands for, means
  196. Golf jargon: What does it mean to "take care of your sticks" ??
  197. Edition differences in style manuals
  198. I need the comma police.
  199. I need the comma police.
  200. Surface or surfaces of bones?
  201. Gifting?
  202. Choose one of these sentences
  203. come on man let's go!
  204. Is this poor sentence structure?
  205. Preposition Song
  206. Could hear - heard
  207. "Helps prevent" or "helps to prevent"
  208. Commas, semicolons or none?
  209. Alternatives for the adjective 'solar'?
  210. "he watched snow fall" or "he watched the snow fall"
  211. "then" or "and then"
  212. Professional Editor Needed
  213. 'who' singular or plural when replacing collective noun
  214. "A pretty girl a boy like him would love enough to fight for." ...question
  215. Can't figure it out :(
  216. Parallel Construction
  217. "had" a problem?
  218. Dialog In One Paragraph
  219. Love your sub-editor (that's copy editor for you yanks)
  220. "A Nutrient Definition" - how to write this?
  221. Italicize and Abbreviated Ship Name?
  222. Title italics in narrative
  223. Question about semicolon use in lists
  224. What Is Up With the Rampant Use of Comma Splices..
  225. Is this comma necessary?
  226. Overprepared, Over prepared, or over-prepared?
  227. Lets v allows question
  228. Am I using "barista" correctly?
  229. How do you handle your possession in long sentences?
  230. Newspaper Headline
  231. "was verbing" vs "verbed"
  232. A clumsy sentence
  233. 3 Punctuation Marks to Incorporate Into Your Writing Today
  234. To whom much is given
  235. changing tense while quoting another character
  236. Finicky comma, how I hate you.
  237. Grammar article/video
  238. Punctuating a slow epiphany
  239. Tips to tighten this sentence
  240. Tightening my action sentences
  241. Subjunctive: weren't vs wasn't
  242. "As" weakening a sentence
  243. These Famous Authors Made It Okay To Commit Grammar No-No's
  244. How would you describe this action
  245. For how long? Part of speech question.
  246. motivational/religious jargon use
  247. That/Which
  248. The Opening Sentences of Classic Novels, Diagrammed
  249. Isn't it...
  250. Punctuation help, please