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  1. Educational Writing
  2. Links: Children's writing/publishing industry
  3. Finding an agent for a picture book
  4. Lobster Press seeking YA
  5. Writing a picture book
  6. Writing for Children's Magazines
  7. Paula Danziger
  8. Price range on Childrens books
  9. Aug 1 deadline - Children's Book Writing Contest
  10. YA Fiction Contest
  11. Carus Publishing?
  12. Writing Mysteries
  13. CDN$150: anthology seeks YA short story subs
  14. Payment for Childrens' Book
  15. Dialogue question
  16. Story Station
  17. Children's Anthology Seeking Submissions
  18. Three Leaping Frogs
  19. Editorial calendar for Fun for Kidz
  20. literary agent vs freelance
  21. Query Question
  22. interesting thread: query letter for fantasy book
  23. small publisher children's/juvenile/young adult
  24. Something interesting
  25. market "Nature Friend"
  26. Joint or seperate?
  27. KidMagWriters has article re Sunday School mag markets
  28. demand for non-fiction for children
  29. How many to submit?
  30. Anyone Know of Any Reputable YA/Childrens Fiction Contests?
  31. Sending extra info
  32. What is a board book?
  33. chat with author 100+ children's books Sep 23
  34. question about illustrations and publishing
  35. place for feedback on children's stories
  36. immediate opportunity for experienced teen writer
  37. has anyone written plays for children?
  38. "Al Capone Does My Shirts" author interview
  39. Cricket Magazine Group Rejection
  40. Copyright and Classic Fairy Tales
  41. Text in Illustration
  42. for young writers only - no old fogies over 19 (sigh)
  43. Just can't help myself...
  44. publisher destroys copies
  45. humorous children's author/illustrator
  46. Kid Zone
  47. Sweet 16 (market)
  48. Rhyme
  49. no fee YA young adult novel; Dec 31 deadline
  50. reading-writing contest for children through grade 12
  51. What quality pictures?
  52. Torontonians - OWL needs editor
  53. querying for a series
  54. The line between a children's and adult's story???
  55. Neat-O
  56. Hyperion Books contest - no fee; April 30, 2005
  57. Orphans, anyone?
  58. Children's Book MS Format
  59. How gross is too gross??
  60. Is there a magazine devoted to writers of children's books?
  61. What is young adult age range?
  62. Children's novel query letter.....
  63. Children's Picture Book Reviewers needed (no pay)
  64. Nancy Drew books.
  65. Company accepting unagented children's bk manuscripts
  66. Where can I get GOOOD CRITIQUE
  68. a question for those with knowledge of the kid's book biz.
  69. Actively Seeking Children's Book Authors
  70. Proposals for childrens board books
  71. Stupid Question
  72. Picture Book question
  73. YA Fantasy Questions
  74. Gryphon House looking for activity ideas
  75. Upcoming deadline: Feb28 for Highlights Contest
  76. Has anyone done this?
  77. Favorite book as a kid?
  78. Books you didn't appreciate as a child, but do now.
  79. Children's Health Concept/Picture Books
  80. Dialogue question.
  81. Should I edit my short stories be4 submitting?
  82. Hi! I'm new. Is a fairy tale story a YA fiction?
  83. BEWARE: Children's Literary Agency (WL Childrens Agency)
  84. search engine for specific markets
  85. Help finding the title of a book
  86. Charity Auction to "Sell" a Read by J.K. Rowling's American Editor
  87. How to promote a children's book
  88. Which one is better "Show" or "Tell" the story? Fairy tale YA.
  89. Which direction to go?
  90. Query Letters, Plot Summaries, and Synopsis, oh my!!
  91. Market for story with big words in it?
  92. "Review Books, Become a Better Writer"
  93. publishing on a Macintosh
  94. professional critique groups
  95. Synopsis length
  96. Going Backwards
  97. ''Nice Work If You Can Get It'' Dept.
  98. Marketing copy for a middle-reader novel
  99. Until there's an online edition of Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market. . .
  100. Bill Shunn's "Proper Manuscript Format"
  101. Children's Fantasy Novel
  102. wanted: a person to keep me on my toes
  103. Reprint rights?
  104. Children's Books
  105. Contest April 15 deadline; $10 entry
  106. Just fun news
  107. Are punny titles the kiss of death for picture books?
  108. Making Progress
  109. freaking out here
  110. freaking out here
  111. Middle reader or YA writer's opinions really needed
  112. What is taboo in a middle reader?
  113. Fantasy Middle Reader
  114. Still in there swinging
  115. Am I doing this all wrong???????
  116. Kidsbooks in MA - seeks telecommute editor
  117. Marketing YA
  118. Question: is there a market for long short stories?
  119. Submitting in the UK
  120. local heros
  121. ? re: character chg in short story
  122. Who do I ask about YA?
  123. Does anyone else remember this?
  124. Animal Friendly Agents?
  125. Chapter Books
  126. Anybody here a member??
  127. Illustrations
  128. Story 'bout a bear
  129. What are the best books on Children's Writing?
  130. The Sun Shines on Maddy Weaver
  131. Needing input from children's writers
  132. Why is it easier to come up with a clever title. . .
  133. Pitching A Series...
  134. Adapting a story to a touch and feel book
  135. Have Any Of You Heard Of.....
  136. Sweating bullets over every word
  137. WOULDN'T IT BE COOL...........
  138. MG Urban Fantasy Needs Feedback
  139. Does this ring true from a 13 year old?
  140. unpublished novelists for middle-grade readers
  141. Need advice on age of my protagonist
  142. To the market we go!
  143. How much violence is acceptable for YA?
  144. Any markets for fairy tales?
  145. How to break in ...
  146. Do you think your MR or YA is contest material?
  147. Children's Nonfiction
  148. MS Word Utilities for Writers
  149. Just ruminatin'
  150. Remember that baby bear?
  151. Number of manuscripts
  152. Raggedy Ann question
  153. Read 'Em Rate 'Em
  154. Are animals out?!?
  155. potential publicity opp for authors
  156. Scholastic PB Contest
  157. Word count for YA?
  158. Self publishing??
  159. What Kids Watch on tv these days in I'm new to Children Writing!
  160. Trolling for cover blurbs...
  161. Boston-area freelance copyeds/proofers - children's
  162. Boys aged 8-10
  163. Online writing classes
  164. 200 wd Mystery Stories for 3rd graders
  165. Is there a market for such a thing?
  166. Freelancing
  167. Ready to sub (again)?
  168. Advice for submitting picturebook...
  169. Institute of Children's Literature
  170. Teen Beta-Reader
  171. Where to find an illustrator for a childrens book?
  172. Anastasia Suen's workshop?
  173. Where do you get your inspiration from?
  174. Newbie
  175. message boards
  176. would anyone be interested in critiquing my poetry meant for young adults?
  177. Need Expert Advice
  178. Age groups vs. difficult topics
  179. Writing for 9th Grade Level
  180. Publishing Question
  181. Do it for the children!
  182. Madonna's gift of prophecy
  183. What is a contemporary?
  184. Rebus manuscript questions
  185. What makes a story BE a children's story
  186. Question about querying
  187. Beta Reading
  188. HELP
  189. Highlights for Children: jumbo merged thread of all things Highlights Magazine
  190. Look at Writer's Market
  191. Just Getting Started
  192. Another newbie...
  193. The school visit thread...
  194. Help, please help!
  195. Argh....my main character is unconcious
  196. Newbie/question
  197. Why Publishing is about selling too
  198. Chapter Books?
  199. Competition for UK childrens book writers
  200. Activity Guide for Children needed
  201. Agents??
  202. Could this work?
  203. Interested in blurbing?
  204. Picture Books and Chapter Books
  205. Books and Meanings
  206. I need to sit down. On a stool. At a bar.
  207. retelling of stories
  208. Submitting to magazines
  209. Delecorte Press YA Novel Contest
  210. start-up; readers Af-Am girls 12-17; .25/wd
  211. Call: fiction/non-fiction children,tweens,teens
  212. Rebuses
  213. Picture Book Style Question
  214. Reviewing Books
  215. what were/are some of your favorite childrens books?
  216. A Question of Rights
  217. Childrens picture book submission guidelines
  218. 10,000 wd US history biographies needed...
  219. Exp freelance writers tween/teen market
  220. So Confused!
  221. Critique wanted for WIP
  222. What should I do with this extra character?
  223. Is CLA above board?
  224. Children's Book Publishers
  225. Do I have a monster in my hands? (word count)
  227. NEED to rate childrens books?
  228. Jane Yolen article
  229. Advances
  230. "Baby Dog Beans Comes Home" is my kid's book
  231. Ran into a problem with POV
  232. Creative Child Press/Paradise Press
  233. Children's Picture Book Contest
  234. Resources for Problem Novels
  235. Hi All
  236. genre - Children's...or not?
  237. Kids Magazines
  238. Writing Mid-Grades
  239. How soon can you get an agent upon receiving a publishing contract?
  240. do I have an audience?
  241. Illustrator wanted to collaborate
  242. Paula Wiseman Books?
  243. You don't have to be a screenwriter to know what you like.
  244. Can I sell this book?
  245. Seeking Family Scripts
  246. Children's writer needed for a small job
  247. Kids Can Press - waiting for a response
  248. Market advice wanted
  249. How to query about a YA book