P. N. Elrod Offers Critique

That’s right, P. N. Elrod the multi-talented author of The Vampire Files urban fantasy series (among many other books and genres) is offering critiques. This isn’t something she does lightly, and this is a rare opportunity to have a sample of your writing critiqued by a pro. Elrod is offering critiques to help pay the … Read more

Improv Writing

Welcome, AWers! Are you looking for a terrific way to inspire your imagination and make writing fresh and fun again? This week’s guest post by Eldon Hughes offers a creative approach that’s worked for him, maybe it’ll give you a fresh path to follow, as well! — Mac Guest Post by Eldon Hughes Improv writing. … Read more

One Publisher’s Journey

Guest Post by Benjamin LeRoy I’ve been a steady lurker on the Absolute Write forums since 2005. Every now and again I jump into a thread if I feel like there’s something I can contribute. Most of the time, though my impulse is to get involved when a new publishing company gets called to the … Read more

Merry Christmas, AWers!

May your Christmas be bright and may your path bring you to a place of warmth, love, and closeness. And may the coming New Year hold joys beyond counting. Thank you for being here!