The 3 Most Important Elements of Fiction Writing

By Magdalena Ball Even highly celebrated and well-paid authors miss them. While almost all writers are clear on the importance of plot, there are other writing skills such as a strong narrative voice, good deep characterization, and relevant, subtle scenery description that set a work of fiction apart, rendering it literary or great. In my … Read more

How (and Why) To Take Criticism

By Monique van den Berg “I am an artist. The critic is my nemesis.” Have you ever heard this internal dialogue? Well, you’re not alone. We writers exist within a paradox. Our egos tell us we’re brilliant, yet one word from a critic can convince us (at least temporarily) that we’re worthless. Criticism strikes at … Read more

Promoting Your Prose

By Mary Emma Allen Promoting Your Books At Writers’ Conferences When I mentioned to a colleague that I’d sold eight of my writers’ resource books and another on Alzheimer’s at a writers’ conference, she remarked that she didn’t know writers could do that. It all depends on the conference, but these are good places to … Read more

Book Review: The ABCs of Writing for Children

Review by Betty Winslow The ABCs of Writing for Children. Compiled by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff Quill Driver Books November 2002 258 pgs. Writing-related The title of this book implies a linear, nuts-and-bolts approach to the subject of writing for children, but in reality it’s almost a stream of consciousness on the subject, collected by Koehler-Pentacoff from … Read more

Book Review: The Complete Guide to Editing Your Fiction by Michael Seidman

Book review by Alex Shapiro The Complete Guide to Editing Your Fiction By Michael Seidman Writer’s Digest Books 2000 264 pages In this easy-to-follow book, experienced editor and writer Michael Seidman explains how to approach fiction editing, using his own short story as example. The author compares the writer’s job with that of a sculptor—both … Read more