November, NaNo, and Taking Inspiration

Hey AWers!

Welcome to November—and writers everywhere know that November means NaNoWriMo. Do you NaNo? If you are, swing by the NaNoWriMo and Beyond room on the AW Forums, and say howdy to all the other masochists.

I’ll confess that I’m already seven days behind. I’m currently putting together our first AW Anthology, and that’s definitely eaten into my available time. NaNo just isn’t happening for me, this year.

But whether you’re attempting a November Novel or not, you might take a look around the NaNo site, and you investigate the associated specials, check out NaNo swag, or look into shiny new writing tools like Scrivener (it’s flexible and friendly software for writers, available for NaNo at a significant discount).

If NaNo is just a little too ambitious for you, but you’d still like to set some achievable goals and find some support, check out the AW Forums Write One/Sub One room. At the very least, consider November a great time to let yourself be re-inspired about your own writing goals, whatever they may be!

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  1. If Nano is anything like my literature classes, I’ll produce a fully formed novel on the last day in November and sell it the next day.

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