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  1. Yeah I’m looking for a good publisher I’ve been working on something truely amazing all my friends and family really like it! 🙂

  2. I am a published/produced playwright with 15 published plays to my credit. My work has been produced across the US, plus Canada, Great Britian and Australia.
    I have an idea for an inventive new sitcom and I would like to collaborate with an experienced sitcom on it. I feel the combination of my ideas and solid writing would give this project a better shot than trying to write in a genre that I am not experienced in myself. Credit would be 50/50. I do have an “in” with a television producer, I just need something to show him.
    Interested parties should send a resume to Whitney Ryan Garrity, [email protected]

  3. Is there an intellectual property lawyer out there who can help me get the rights of my book back? The publisher refuses to revert rights to me although claiming poor sales (135 books including HC & ebooks) in 4 years. This year’s royalty statement had 2HCs, 8PBs and 1ebook. Can anyone help, please?

    Thanks in advance,


  4. I have written quite a few books and I have been writing ever since I could. I wrote my first chapter book in fourth grade, and now, being in eighth, I wrote one this November that I’d like to get published. However, being only thirteen, I am unsure how.

    A lot of websites are telling me to fill out all this information (when I don’t have publishing companies, agents, etc.). So I’m really confused.

    I use this amazing website called CreateSpace, which has helped me through the process of getting it bound and helped me see the book in real format with my cover and all…and now I know for sure that I want to get it published. Friends, family, etc. have read it, and they want me to work harder on my already-started second book in the series. So does anyone know how a thirteen-year-old can publish a book?

  5. Please help me, I have been writing a novel for the better part of 3 years now and i’ve also written a couple of short stories, i would love to start in the writing business if anyone can give me any guidance please email me

  6. Has anybody had dealings, good or bad, with either Little Acorn Publishing in England or with Mel Amman who appears to be the big cheese there? Please email me.

  7. Have been waiting for my book to be pubished for over a year after signing a contract. Have noticed lots of books supposedly published but not available to buy – ie not in print. be careful.

  8. It would appear that either Little Acorn Press has gone bankrupt or Mel Amman is running a scam Hank and ellen are two of a whole load of people who have been taken in – they have sent money allegedly to contribute to productions costs then find nothing happens and ms amman does not communicate, unless she surfaces soon I think she’ll have legal problems!

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