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Dressing for stealth

I started a thread similar to this one a while ago, but my writing went on a several month hiatus after that, and I thought maybe I should get some fresh opinions now that I'm getting back to it.

One of the major supporting characters in my fantasy is an assassin. And I don't mean that she uses disguises and infiltration to get close to a mark over a long period of time; I mean she's more about sneaking into an enemy camp at night, stab the leaders in their sleep, and sneak back out. So I need her to be dressed and equipped for skulking around in the darkness, and would like to know if I've gotten it right.
Here's what I got so far:

She wears a dark-blue shirt and pants to blend into the darkness, and a hooded cloak of the same color, in order to both make her human shape less noticeable, and for the hood to hide her face and make identification less likely if she is spotted. Also, she has pale skin so she rubs soot in her face and wraps a sash around her head like a balaclava to further blend into the shadows. Depending on circumstances she generally discards her boots before going into dangerous territory, and walks around with thick wrappings on her feet to both dampen sound and keep warm. As a final touch she rubs tallow and soot on her blades to so they don't reflect light.

So, can you knowledgeable people tell me if I missed anything. I was going to make her outfit tight-fitting to make it less likely to snag on something at inopportune moments, but it occurred to me that maybe billowy clothing further obscures her figure. Which makes more sense?

I'll greatly appreciate any tips or advice.
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