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Thread: Diggs Editorial Services (formerly Diggs McQuillar, Inc.)

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    Diggs Editorial Services (formerly Diggs McQuillar, Inc.)

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Diggs McQuillar, Inc or Anita Diggs. She is a fairly new agent, but just wanted to see if anyone had any information.

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    FYI: Link to her AQ page.

    Looks new to agenting, but not new to publishing if those credentials are accurate.
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    Her blog seems to push her manuscript evaluation services. It doesn't say anything about her agency, which seems odd to me.

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    FYI, I rec'd spam from her today. She found my address on; I don't even remember registering there so she's probably right about it being ages ago:

    "A long time ago, you listed the following information on, which tells me that you might want an evaluation of your work.

    [all that's listed here is my name & e-mail address, and the facts that I haven't had a novel published & am not a freelance NF writer]

    "I have worked on staff as a book editor for Random House, Time Warner Trade Publishing and Thunder's Mouth Press. I only charge $2.00 per page for a complete critique - Characters, Plot, Dialogue, Pace, Setting, Imagery, and Theme - plus a page-by-page review. Attached to this email is a sample evaluation that I did for another writer. It will show you how thorough and precise my critiques are. Please read it and then visit for details about how to hire me.

    All best,

    P.S. Here are what a few of my published authors have to say about my work on their books:"

    Followed by four quotes from authors pubbed by Random House & Warner, between 2002 & 2005.

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    figuring it all out
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    I do know that this agent was removed from on account of the editorial fee-charging. I'm a bit surprised she's listed on

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    Also, non-fiction only.


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    Agency closed to become Diggs Editorial Services, but site ( is gone and blog ( hasn't been updated in a year.

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