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Thread: [Agent] Durkin Entertainment Group (Debbie Durkin)

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    [Agent] Durkin Entertainment Group (Debbie Durkin)

    Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin!! She takes advantage of new writers who know nothing of the business - I should know. Also, don't trust the screenplay analysis group she recommends, WriterzWorld Network. The Better Business Bureau has a file on them for their business ethics. Look them up at

    Also, backstage magazine has an article on Durkin. Follow the link below.

    If anyone reading this was also ripped off by her let me know if you're interested in starting a class action lawsuit.

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    Re: Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin and Writerz World

    You've done the right thing. In addition, I suggest filing with the Calif. AG Kevin Shelly at This isn't Maryland, they take these things very seriously out here where show business is "the" business. I mean, what do you think the governor would say? File the claim.

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    Thanks for the link.

    Thanks for the link. I'll file today. Have you had dealings with Durkin?

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    Re: Thanks for the link.

    No but I remember her from Backstage West.

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    Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin and Writerz World

    I am in the same boat you are... the so called "story notes" they sent back are worthless, and any writer looking them over - professional or not would laugh at them.

    First it took over 3 months for them to respond and only after I began making calls threatening to take legal action. The excuse I recieved for NO representation was bull.

    I'm in for a class action... send me mail.

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    I should have found this sooner...

    But I already forked out nearly a thousand to Debbie Durkin. Half of it was for WriterzWorld’s analysis and story notes (nothing yet… 4 weeks and counting)… the other half for some help with my re-writing process (Still no help yet).

    But thank goodness I found this board before shelling out additional money.

    Damn it... I'm pissed... I should have known better. I just sadden that people like her exist in this world and prey off the innocence of new writers. I mean… how could you in your right conscious do this day after day… year after year and not feel remorse for the people you are swindling. How can you live with yourself?

    For a struggling writer who lives from paycheck to paycheck with pennies by month’s end… this is the ultimate stab in the heart. For shame on you and people like you. I just wish the world was a more honest place to live in. But unfortunately it’s not.

    I’m in with you guys… strugglingwriter & bugwriter… where do I sign?

    Let this be a warning to many out there. Be careful where you walk or step… there may be serpents lurking between the cracks… looking for unsuspected prey.

    But for this particular serpent… her fangs are still attached… bleeding me dry.

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    You think THAT'S bad...

    WestMeister, have you read the thread about Melanie Mills on this selfsame board? At least D. Durkin isn't wanted for attempted murder, as far as I know.

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    Re: You think THAT'S bad...

    Not yet... but let me know where I could find this thread so I give her my condolences.

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    I see now...

    :blackeye *Shaking my head* Shame, shame... shame on you Melanie Mills.

    I think I know what to call my next screenplay... Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. Dedicated to the bloodsucking vermins of the world... Debbie Durkin and Ms. Mills.

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    James D Macdonald

    Yog's Law

    <a href=",yog_1,yog_2.2310929" target="_new">Money flows toward the writer.</a>

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    Filing with the secretary of state

    Marky, you suggested that I file with Kevin Shelley in regards to a complaint I have with a California publisher. Here is the reply I received from Kevin Shelly's office:

    Please be aware that the California Secretary of State is not an enforcement or regulatory agency over corporations. Our Business Programs Division is responsible for examining, processing, filing and maintaining corporate and other business entity records. We do not prosecute fraud or any type of civil or criminal action against corporations. Although we are in the process of implementing a new program, the Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund, the regulations for the program are not yet in effect. If you would like more information about this program and the requirements to file a claim, you may read the text of the statute and proposed regulations by visiting our website at under the Business Portal.
    The Department of Consumer Affairs has a Consumer Resource $ Referral Guide that may be of assistance to you. You can contact that agency at 800-952-5210 or view their website at They may be able to assit you by providing contact information for the enforcement agencies that prosecute theft and fraud in this state.

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    Debbie Durkin

    WestMeister and bugwriter,

    Writer Beware has a file on Debbie Durkin--we've received a number of complaints about WriterzWorld and the story notes. Would you please contact me directly ( to let me know more about your experiences? Thanks much--

    - Victoria

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    Re: Debbie Durkin

    I am very sorry to hear that you guys got taken.

    I really don't want this to come across the wrong way,
    But I run an editing and review service. My fees are the lowest on the web. $30 US dollars. I don't have any industry ties and I don't make promises of marketing your script for you.
    What I DO offer is friendly advice, critiques and thorough edits. I was lucky enough to have some help with my scripts and now I'm helping others and I just ask a small fee to compensate for my time.

    I won't scam you because if I did then my name would appear on posts like this and my business days would be over. I'm known on this board and script secrets, and I've also been posting at done deal. Check out my site.

    Happy writing
    Ann Smith
    Low Cost Script Editing

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    it already has

    Your name has already appeared in posts like these Scripter1! You and your charging people $300 dollars for a mentoring service, which I did not ask you for. All after offering to give me coverage notes on a screenplay in exchange for writing good things about you online!

    So people for all of you she offers to critique for 30 to 45 dollars, after she is done, this unproduced writer is going to offer to rewrite your screenplay for $300.

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    aka eraser

    Re: it already has

    Justino, your multiple slams on several threads/boards are having one overwhelming effect; YOU are looking really bad.

    That observation comes from a neutral observer who has no intention of ever writing a screenplay.

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    then why would you post?

    So then, why would you post at all?

    You have no intention of writing a screenplay.

    You have no intention of using Ann's service.

    So then, your comments are utterly and entirely irrelevant. My comments were aimed at Ann's potential customers, who may chose to listen to my comments, or who may chose to ignore them.

    And that's their right, either way.

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    Re: then why would you post?

    would you approve of ann writing letters to all of your possible buyers of your screenplay to let them know that you'll try to hoodwink them? The producers could then exercise their rights not to read the letters, but of course if they did, that would prove problematic. wouldn't it?

    you got a free trial and an offer for future business. no scam there. if she offered you free service and then sent you a bill, that would be different.

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    aka eraser

    Re: then why would you post?

    I posted in an attempt to do you a favour Justin. Your unwillingness, or inability, to see the simple logic that emeralcite (and several others) have pointed out reflects poorly on you.

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    Count Me In

    Chalk down another sucker right here. I'm stupid enough to approaching 2 grand, and have had nothing but empty promises and an analysis done by a 3rd grader. I also found that the person I was dealing with at WriterzWorld is actually her roommate. I am not completely convinced that I am being conned (because I don't want to admit to myself how stupid I am), but if anyone can fill me in on any other details or let me know what the next step to do is, I'll do it. I have not only had money stolen, but was then filled with false hope. That's just cold.

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    Anybody Not Been Scammed?

    Has anybody not been scammed by this party? I have forked over dough and have heard nothing since the money has stopped. I'm thinking I'm another one of the fools, and that pisses me off. Are there any real agents out there?

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    Re: Anybody Not Been Scammed?


    i've been dealing with this woman for over 4 years. i know it's hard, but you need to let this fast-talker go. please e-mail me...i'd like to swap horror stories with you. it's a shame that there are people out there that prey on the dreams and aspirations of young writers. we learn from our experiences. i look forward to hearing from you.

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    Re: Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin and Writerz World

    I don't know if you received a message that I sent previously, but I have also been taken by Debbie Durkin and will do anything I can to see her destroyed. Let me know what I can do.

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    Matt Springer

    Re: Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin and Writerz World

    I just got a call from Ms. Durkin on Monday...I was very excited to get her message because I'm looking to break into sitcom writing and have sent out many query letters.

    There were a few red flags in her initial call...I wrote a spec which I was pitching in my queries, and she asked me if I wanted to write for the show I speced. I figured anyone I want on my side in Hollywood would know it's rare/impossible to actually get a job on the show you've speced, or to sell your spec to that show.

    I also thought it was VERY strange that she wanted my spec to have analysis done...this seemed highly suspect. It's a 40-page script based on an existing show, not a 100-plus screenplay with its own characters and point of view. I'd never heard of that before.

    Additionally, there was a lot of name dropping that sounded very awkward, and she'd repeat the same namedropping once or twice in the conversation.

    I asked a couple writer friends what they thought, and they all cautioned against working with her, but I called this Writerz World company she recommended. (She also recommended some website which never actually checked out as a real website, no matter which combination of suffixes I tried.)

    When I called Writerz World, I was actually prepared to consider paying a small amount for the analysis, which I guess shows what a good mark I am for any enterrprising scam artists. After the call, though, it was clear that there was something nasty going on. This "Sara Gilmore" wanted $450 to offer analysis of a 40-page spec and a novella...and I swear, she sounded just like Debbie Durkin had, except with a southern accent. Her pattern of speech, her jokes...I can't ever confirm it but I'll go to my grave believing it.

    It was only today that I managed to Google her name and get this amazing resource. I'm posting to offer any additional info I can to those who may be scammed by her in the future, and to thank everyone for sharing their info here.

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    Click on the post below on fraud.

    You can start about reporting her fradulent activities to the Internet Complaint Center (it's a division of the FBI and deals with online fraud, since people all have websites and email people) Also report things to the California Attorney General, the Department of Consumer Affairs, etc.

    These complaints will be kept on file, and some people may think twice after learning that are public complaints on record against them. For those truly out of control, if there is sufficent evidence and a long enough pattern, the FBI, the local police, or the state attorney general will take action.

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    Re: Do NOT trust Debbie Durkin and Writerz World

    What out for that woman. WriterzWorld is a complete fraud. The Sarah Gilmore lady lives on the same stupid little boat that Debbie does, and the analysis that you pay for will be about three pages long and look like it's a book report done by a third grader. Debbie Durkin is on every beware list you can find on the internet. She preys on the ignorant and eager. I promise you, this fat broad will nothing but waste your time and steal your money. I have talked to more than one person who has been through the exact scenario that you just described. The woman is a cockroach and hopefully someday she will sit her useless ass in jail where she belongs.

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