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Thread: Speculation Press

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    Speculation Press

    I looked through the index, and didn't find a thread, so here goes:

    Does anyone have any information about this publisher? I found a link to them whilst Googling for fantasy publishers. I don't really recognize any of their titles, but I'll admit I'm not as informed as I probably should be about the fantasy genre.

    If anyone could help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    This appears to be a print on demand publisher. Taken from their How To Buy Our Books page:

    1. Your local bookstore can order any of our books through either Baker & Taylor or Ingrams, the two largest book distributors. Ingrams wasn't stocking our books for a while, but they changed their mind and again have all our books in stock. Any bookstore can now order our books.
    Bolding mine. Ingram doesn't "change their mind." And despite what they say on their website, none of their books are available through Ingram. Which makes all their other methods of ordering rather questionable.

    2. Also some bookstores have at least a few of our books in stock. Click here for a list.
    3. Barnes & Noble Bookstores. B & N bookstores order directly from Speculation Press. They usually order on Thursdays and we ship to them on Fridays, so you should get your book in a week.
    4. From The world's largest online retailer carries our books. Click here.
    5. Directly from the publisher. Click here.
    In short, they have no distribution. I'm not quite sure what you're looking for, but this might be a good one to avoid.

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    Website not updated since 2002, nor have they published anything since then.

    ETA: Sporadic activity. Only new books are by owner. Rest are Kindle editions of earlier books (by owner and others).
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