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Thread: [Printer] McNaughton & Gunn

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    [Printer] McNaughton & Gunn

    Has anyone here used this place? I'm helping my friend print his first novel and after alot of research he chose M&G because of the beautiful samples they sent and their supposed excellent customer service. But so far, we've been nothing but frustrated. They've sent us 3 quotes all with the wrong specs and they take forever to return calls/emails. We're thinking about jumping ship and going with Bookmasters. Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIA View Post
    Has anyone here used this place?. . .
    A publisher friend of mine swears by them. They printed hardbound that he published, and he could not have been more pleased with quality and price.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Thanks ResearchGuy. I'm starting to think we just drew the short straw and got the only bad account rep there. She's clueless. I contacted her manager hoping for results, but today, when a 4th quote was FINALLY sent to us, it's still wrong. They fix one thing and then screw up something else. I don't get it. We're not asking for anything unusual. My friend's patience has ended. I think he's going to use Bookmasters.

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    Updating URL: http://www.mcnaughton-gunn.com/ (formerly bookprinters.com)

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    I used to use McNaughton & Gunn a lot for scholarly essay collections and for glossy paper newsletters.

    They were excellent.

    The caveat though is that they're accustomed to dealing with people who are designers and typesetters, not authors/consumers.


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