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Thread: JoNa Books Publishing Co.

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    JoNa Books Publishing Co.

    Hi, anyone work with JoNa Publishing? Someone from our writing group has a book coming out with them and I'm wondering if she did the right thing.

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    Have you checked over at P&E?

    JoNa Books: a publisher. Poor contract. Writer complaints. Not recommended.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    I've heard from three writers who've experienced substantial publication delays and say the publisher is almost totally nonresponsive. Two of these authors are nearly a year past their promised publication date, and haven't even seen galley proofs. One author also says that JoNa "encouraged" him to pre-sell copies of his book; he says that checks for the books were actually sent to JoNa, but no one received anything, and requests for refunds have gone unanswered.

    On Amazon, many of the more recent JoNa books are listed as "Special Order" or "Ships in 1-2 months", which suggests to me that JoNa may not have an arrangement with a wholesaler.

    - Victoria

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    I think we've officially found someone WORSE than PA!


    Writing is a lot like sex.
    At first you do it because you like it.
    Then you find yourself doing it for a few close friends and people you like.
    But if you're any good at end up doing it for money.

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    JoNa Books

    After putting aside his dream of publishing a book for five years, my husband got out an old mystery novel. JoNa Books has offered a contract. Should we accept? It seems better than not publishing. Or is it? They are listed as a not recommended.

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    Empirical Storm Trooper MadScientistMatt's Avatar
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    Why do you want to have the book published? It sounds as though JoNa might be acceptable if all you want is your name on a publishing contract, given Victoria's comments about complaints she has recieved. If you just want a copy of your own book so you can see your name on it, a reputable POD or even a disreputable one like PublishAmerica can provide that. But if you want am audience of any size to actually read your book, hope to see copies of it in bookstores, aspire to launch a writing career, or wish to write to make money, you'll need a good, reputable publisher.

    A bad publisher can indeed be worse than not publishing. For one thing, not publishing is free. A book that is in the hands of a "publisher" that isn't actually doing anything good with it is a book that you can't sell to a real publisher. So you're set back until he can write another sellable book. If your husband is serious about being a serious author, he shouldn't waste time with bad publishers just to get a book any more than someone who is hungry should eat Ex-lax pills just to have something to put in his mouth.

    Stay strong and hold out for a better offer.
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    Thanks for the reply good information. We got this listing from Writers Market. Where would you recommend?

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    Angry Jo Na Appears to be a Ruse

    My dad received a contract from Jo Na books last June and he promptly sent close to $1000 to have an "edit" completed. To date he has received no proofs, no book, nothing...

    Even their website is incomplete. I did a search on the few books that appear on the website with Barnes and Noble and Amazon and found nothing. He emails and writes and gets sketchy responses and vague promises. Basically their replies are like a carrot which dangles...

    They are shysters as I suspected a year ago. I feel sorry for my dad. He is elderly and the book is good, but I feel that he was taken in out of his enthusiasm to get the book into the market. I tried to tell him not to trust these people and am sorry to say that I was right.

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Website hasn't been updated since 2005. Of the three "coming soon" books, two are listed on Amazon as Dec 2006, yet are unavailable. The third was published April 2006 by iUniverse....

    There's mention in the local news that the principals opened a bookstore. I wonder if this had something to do with it with the change of business:

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