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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    w00t! w00t! I've been initiated as a real scam-buster! I've had my first threat of legal action made against me!

    I have just received an email from Austin & Macauley, which reads:

    Dear "Jane Smith,"

    I have noticed that the email I sent to you has been posted on a website,

    The publication of my name in any context without my express permission is
    in violation of the Data Protection Act 1998, specifically Part II: Sections
    6, 10 and 11.

    I was completely open and honest with you regarding Austin & Macauley
    Publishers, and take no issue with you doing what you like with the
    information I sent you. Frankly I don't care how you wish to use the
    content of the letter, whether for personal use or for subversive

    However, your inclusion of any of my personal information is not only
    distasteful, but also illegal.

    I expect my name to be removed from this website immediately.

    If, in three days' time, my name is still publicly displayed on this
    website, you can rest assured that I will be taking legal action.

    ***** * *******
    You'll notice I have now blanked out the person's name, both in this message and in the previous one that I quoted. I have left my name visible in this email as it's my real name and although it's quite a dull name, I'm not worried for it to be associated with any of my posts here.

    I don't know if the sender was right or wrong about the Data Protection Act; I've not checked. However, I'm happy to remove his name for now, as a courtesy. What I am sure of is that threatening legal action with just three days' notice to respond is not thought well of within the UK legal system. Fourteen days is considered reasonable. And email is not the best medium to use.

    Having said all that, Austin & Macauley still charges to publish, so is still a vanity press, and I'd still stay well away from them.
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