One final comment, where AM are asking people to contribute as much as £4000 (that was one of the fees I was asked to pay) for the 'joint venture,' 'hybrid' publishing contract, who in their right mind is going to sign the contract and hand over that amount of money without actually seeing an employee of AM in person and discussing the terms of the contract?
Lots of people, they have been for years. Writers starting out don't know how publishing is suppose to work and so if they start their industry education with "Google", they are truly going to believe paying is just the way it's done... because those very few BIG publishers don't touch new writers, non-celebs.
AM says just what the customer wants to hear.

Austin Macauley’s winning policy is to cast our net as widely as possible in search of great books. At a time when publishers and literary agents are closing their doors even to authors with a proven track record, we continue to accept unsolicited work from both new and established writers.
And I see they have a splashy new site, it actually looks very good, they have spent some money on it (though it's slow function with the html showing for a second first... gotta fix that glitch) And really, when the layperson reads NEW YORK OFFICE... thats all it sometimes takes!