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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    Earlier this evening, I checked my emails, and today a female employee from Austin Macauley emailed me, reminding me they hadn't heard from me since their last correspondence six months ago, (July), more or less saying she liked my book and was keen to get it published, and would send me another contract if I had lost the first one. Something that isn't going to happen, unless they plan to pay me an advance and royalties, (highly unlikely) should my book sell, quote Yog's Law, 'money flows towards the author.'

    Harry Bingham who writes for Writers' Workshop gave AM the opportunity to answer questions about their business model. Three of his questions were: 'What percentage of your writers are 'Traditionally published?'
    The second: 'If a writer pays, say, £2500 'joint venture,' how much do they earn back in royalties?'
    The third: 'Have you threatened bloggers, journalists and other writers from speaking out?'
    Unsurprisingly, AM refused to answer his questions, replying that they would have to seek advice from their lawyer before engaging in further correspondence, as they didn't want to breach confidentiality between them and their authors. Furthermore, Mr Bingham was threatened with legal action from AM, unless he removed any comments about the company from his website. If AM is a 'legitimate,' publisher as they claim to be, they should not have a problem, responding to a general inquiry by a member of the public, which was put to them in a polite and formal manner, neither personal or intrusive.

    One final comment, where AM are asking people to contribute as much as £4000 (that was one of the fees I was asked to pay) for the 'joint venture,' 'hybrid' publishing contract, who in their right mind is going to sign the contract and hand over that amount of money without actually seeing an employee of AM in person and discussing the terms of the contract?
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