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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    A few points about Austin Macauley

    A: Post by Authorwannabe dated 5th January, titled, 'check out this comment on Google.' Before detailing Austin Macauley's practices. Yes, I had already done that, and find it outrageous that people are paying £2000 to be published only to earn back 80 pence in so-called 'Royalties.'

    B: Austin Macauley established themselves as a 'traditional publisher' in 2006, yet within just 2 years people have been very dissatisfied with their 'services,' as well as their expensive fees they're charging a writer to publish their book, for very little in return. Just by looking at the complaints on this site alone, which on the first page stretch back to 2008. If so, why are they still in business, when they are scamming people? Why isn't enough being done to put them out of business?

    C: It wouldn't surprise me if, before 2006, AM had already traded under another name, but due to the number of angry writers who had been duped, were closed down, either voluntary or involuntary.

    D: Just before Christmas I read up about AM on Wikipedia, and there was a paragraph about them, saying they were a vanity press trading in the guise of a 'traditional publisher,' and were listed on the Writer's Beware Thumbs Down List. Yesterday I read about AM on Wikipedia, (just to see whether or not anything else had been added), which been updated in the last few days, and the negative, albeit accurate paragraph had been removed. All I can assume is AM must have found out and complained, not wanting their 'reputation' to be marred by criticism. Which, in my opinion, makes me think AM has a double-standard in the sense of it's perfectly acceptable to scam hopeful writers out of huge sums of money, yet are denying people the right to free speech, even though the contents of the paragraph were correct.
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