Check out this comment on Google:

"A vanity publisher with no ties to London, New York or the publishing industry. After much research and sourcing current and previous employees through the wide capabilities of social networks, it's obvious the company only holds one address, a unit at Sedgeway Business Park in Ely, Cambridgeshire. None of the people working for them, or have worked for them in the past I can see have London addresses, they're all Cambridgeshire for reasons obvious the company is pile of crock.

If you delve in further to the addresses supplied at CGC-33-01 Canada Square, London and 28 Trump Building, Wall Street, they results are almost immediately condensed fully with virtual office spaces.

My cousin works in Canary Wharf, so I asked her to pop-in to 25 Canada Square for a look at the company listings; however, Austin Macauley has no name on these. The company which comes up on the floor numbers is MWB Business Exchange, said virtual office above.

Next time you consider submitting your manuscript to Austin Macauley Publisher, please bear in mind the £2,000+ we've seen them charge really isn't worth it. To quote, from a previous employee on a well used site, authors are paid net royalties from sales, not gross. If we put this into terms from available contract information and on a sale of 1 book priced at £10 through Gardners, the author will receive 0.80p for that sale. This works out as follows - Austin Macauley will distribute books through Gardners on small orders (via little demand) at a cost of 60% discount (leaving £4 royalties) and then pay the author 20% royalties of the net (£4), leaving them with 80p in their royalty checks.

Not quite the dream, I assume?

At no local store of Waterstones, WHSmith, etc. have heard of Austin Macauley and when they search for items, they come as special order. After querying them on how they're online and not in-stock (naive, I guess), the manager commented most of the website data is for books available in the market registered on Nielsens, via Gardners books and several other businesses for this. He continued, any company with a simple account can link their publications to sites to ensure the perceived store presence of stock.

I'll be continuing my concerns after reviewing a contract being forwarded by on of their previous 'clients'.

Picture - Business park of main operation, not a distribution warehouse as stated on the website."