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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    Old Hack, Ref: my previous comment about writers actually being paid royalties from AM, I had forgotten about thread 159, posted in January this year by a former AM employee, who, according to one of the AM team that writers only earn back 1% of the net profit, in other words, if someone has paid AM, say, £2000 to be published that means they'll be lucky if they earn back £20! Also poster 204, Wide Genre commenting about Remus House publishing their poetry for very little. Well in the late 1990's/early 2000's I had three poems and a short story published in poetry anthologies by Anchor Books/Forward Press for nothing, as long as I agreed to it, but if I wanted a copy of the book(s), which contained poems and short stories by other writers I would have to pay for them, but I didn't mind, in fact I was happy to do so, because, I just wanted to see my work and name in print, I wasn't after 'fame' or 'fortune' and wanted to give a copy to my family, just like everyone else who had contributed writings, although the book price was £15.99 for a hardback copy, if I bought, say three, I would get three for the price of two. Plus the quality of the paper, book cover, and type were of a good standard, as the publishers seemed to go out of their way to make the effort for their writers. The way I see it is, paying a little more than £30 for even just two books is neither here nor there in my opinion, and it's not going to break the bank, but paying thousands to a vanity publisher like AM, for very little, if anything in return is another matter entirely. Another previous comment of mine, saying that celebrities who get published and paid within months of announcing they're writing a book, when they'll likely just do a 'half-baked' job, and putting their name to it, with a ghost writer doing most of the work, whilst said celebrity takes all the credit, to boost their already inflated ego. Whereas 'ordinary' people who aren't famous and have been writing for years and actually can write get turned down by mainstream publishers and because they want to be published make the mistake of turning to a vanity publisher, one being AM, only to end up a lot worse off financially. One more point I forgot about regarding vanity publishers, including AM, is that they (conveniently) fail to mention the add-on costs that the writer has to pay, e.g. book promotion, etc... that's even after the writer had signed the contracted, and has handed over a large amount of money, that they cannot afford.
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