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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filigree View Post
    I had an explanation from the OP (I think) that it was satire. A bit heavy, but whatever.

    This is one of the pubs that makes me just roll my eyes and go to the other side of the street. I can't help anyone daft enough to fall for them.
    Oh dear! Time to clarify.
    I am in the process of writing a satirical novel. As luck would have it, the first publisher I sent a draft to was You Know Who.
    Imagine my elation to find that a publisher would, within weeks, send an approving response by snail mail to me in Australia.
    That was before I came across the absolutewrite website and this thread.
    It was here that I learned for the first time about vanity publishers in general and Austin Macauley in particular.
    My post was a satirical, not to say angry riposte.
    My real intention though was to post, word for word, the reply I received, because I'm sure it is a form letter. (You do though, have to admire that 'Board of Editors' bit!)
    As previously indicated I am an absolute newbie, but my guess is that if a publisher were interested, they would contact me by email,
    with a personalised response.
    So, my aim was to send a warning to anyone as gullible as I was, to disregard any letter from Austin Macauley that is identical to mine.
    Apologies if I caused any confusion.
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