I'm not quite sure why you want to go after the guy who answers the email and phone. I don't exactly run the company, you know.
But s/he communicates on behalf of the company and is therefore acting for the company. I understand that you've respected their wishes in this regard, Old Hack, but I really don't follow the person's logic. If they're not happy to have their name associated with the company, then don't work for the company or don't send out emails with the company's name attached.

Also - don't make legal threats that are incorrect. If you're going to go to the trouble of citing three sections of the DPA, make bloody sure you read them first.

Finally, if you think that something doesn't have anything to do with the company you work for, don't send out threatening emails from your work email. It makes you look like a schmuck.

In conclusion, A&M is a vanity operation.