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Old Hack - I have bookmarked 'The Author Exploitation Business' web page by David Gaughran, and that gives a very informative insight into other publishing in general, and it would seem apparent, that Penguin, has bought the world's biggest vanity press, Author Solutions. Yet Penguin publishers are listed in the 'Writers' And Artists' Yearbook, I am confused, since I thought only legitimate publishers and literary agents were only allowed to be listed in there. All I can assume is Penguin still publish traditionally, but advise writers to use their partner publisher Author Solutions. What are your thoughts on that?
Gaughran seems to have a huge chip on his shoulder when it comes to trade publishing and I wouldn't go near most of what he's written on the subject. But he's often spot-on in his analyses of vanity publishing, and Random Penguin's involvement in it. They do still publish books for trade publishing, but as any business would, they also promote their other businesses--in this case, vanity publishing.

Don't assume people in the WAAYB are legitimate or trustworthy. No one in those directories is checked out in any way: if they want to be included, they are. You still have to check them out yourself, it's just a listing, that's all.