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Old Hack- Ref: Your reply yesterday about your friend who is a manager of Waterstones, and that they have no plans to stock books published by AM, there's going to be plenty of disappointed writers, who AM have led them to believe Waterstones, along with other bookshops will stock books published by them.
A&M authors who have approached their local branches of Waterstones with a view to getting their books on the shelves there might well have been successful, and so it's not dishonest to say the books are going to be stocked in the shops.

However, this is not the same as the books being on the shelves nationwide. For that, the publisher needs a proper contract with a book distributor and sales team, which I don't think they have; the publisher needs to give good discounts to the booksellers; and the publisher needs to make its books returnable, which I don't think A&M does. It also really needs to produce its books by offset printing rather than POD which I don't think A&M does, as POD books are usually too expensive to discount as needed, they aren't usually returnable, and they don't withstand shelfwear in the same way that offset books do.