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A couple of weeks ago I went into Waterstones bookshop taking a list of Authors and their book titles published with Austin Macauley, to see whether or not they accepted books from them, and when I approached the young woman on the checkout and read out the titles and authors, she was very helpful, by telling me that next year they are taking in the said titles and books published by AM. As a rule bookshops don't accept books from Vanity Publishers, do they? Well all I can assume is that AM are deceiving bookshops by hiding the fact they are Vanity Publishers.
It's not that bookshops won't accept books from vanity publishers: they won't usually shelve books which are POD, or which are from a publisher which doesn't have full distribution, or which doesn't accept returns. If A&M prints via offset (which I don't think it does), has distribution (again, I don't think it does) and accepts returns (again, I doubt it will) then bookshops would be happy to stock them. Of course, they'd have to get a sales team to start selling their books into bookshops and yet again, I don't think the publisher will do that.

I suspect the bookseller you spoke to was being kind when she said her bookshop might start ordering those books next year. And that it's not likely to happen.