July 2016 I also go an email from Austin Macauley telling me they wanted my entire manuscript. It gave me an euphoria as if I had won the jackpot. When they sent me a contract with me having to choose between 1700 and another fee, I got depressed as if a judge had given me a 20-year sentence without me having committed any crime at all. So I sent them a sort of legal email asking them to assure me they were not going to use my text. They sent me a long email back, assuring me of that and said something peculiar, is that their legal department notified other competitors writing negative things on them, namely that they are a vantage press pretending not to be one. So now, I published my books with the Internet and wonder how my water molecule will become visible in the ocean of reads. How to convince an agent or a reader to read your stuff? JK Rowling had an incredible luck that she made all that money before people found out the number of ideas she took from Anthony Horowitz's "Groosham Grange". Getting an idea seems to be, sadly, less alimentary than fructifying an idea, in literature and in science.

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Yesterday I checked my emails, and on July 19th I received an email from Austin Macauley, praising my manuscript, along with a 14-page contract with terms and conditions, relating to the publication on my book, should I sign the contract, today I received a hard copy of the contract in the post. I skipped though the details just to see their list of fees the writer (me) is expected to pay, should I go ahead, and they are: 1900 for paperback, and eBook publications. 2900 for hardback, paperback and eBook publications. 4400 for audio, hardback, paperback and eBook publications. Needless to say I will not be going ahead with this. Furthermore I have emailed a synopsis and three chapters of my book, along with a covering letter to two more legitimate literary agents, listed in the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, and would rather take my chance with them.