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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    Quote Originally Posted by expansionlink View Post
    After months of waiting for a verdict on my manuscript, I finally got a reply from Austin & Macauley Publishers. They offered me a contract at an extortionate price. Nobody in their right mind would accept a contract on the terms they proposed. It would save a lot of time if there was a legal requirement for vanity publishers to divulge their over-inflated rates on their websites or at the very least on their first communication. That way we wouldn't all waste a lot of time!! If one knows how to do simple arithmetic it is to check if it's a bad deal. One should not have to pay anything to get published.
    Nail hit firmly on the head with the comment about divulging their over-inflated rates, well done. However the reason vanity publishers don't divulge this type of information is because they want to give authors the impression that they are a reputable publishers to lure the author in, then when the author has fallen for false flattery and praise, hook, line and sinker given by said vanity publisher, the vanity publisher drops the bombshell, of how much it will cost to publish their book. Of course if they require the author to make a contribution, why not offer 1, well that is a contribution, or better still hand over some monopoly money with a 'get out of jail for free,' card.
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