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Thread: Austin Macauley Publishers, Ltd. (formerly Austin & Macauley)

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    Dear Fruitful,

    After reading your post you sound like me. After fourteen years, writing on and off, I finally completed my series of four children's books. Anyway, in the last week of April this year I began to submit my synopsis and first three chapters to various literary agents, which I found listed in this years edition of 'The Writers' and Artists Yearbook,' I received 2 rejections letters from the first two agents, which I pretty much expected, but since they were nice I wasn't discouraged, the next three I am still awaiting a reply, so all I can assume is they're not interested, or haven't had the time to look. Well, in early June I found Austin Macauley, by typing in the Google bar, 'Getting my children's book published,' and it came up advertising for submissions, so I sent away an email with three chapters and my synopsis. It took them less than a fortnight to get back, I didn't view this as strange, since the literary agents were quick in their reply. AM said that after reviewing my manuscript the board of editors wanted to look at my complete manuscript, so I emailed it on June 20th. And on the 28th they said I should hear from them in 6 weeks. The other day I viewed AM's webpage in more detail, instead of just a cursory glance as I done in the beginning, and everything seemed lucrative and exciting, however one line really stood out like a sore thumb, and that was, 'the writer may be asked to contribute to the costs of publishing,' as soon as I saw this I immediately thought, 'vanity publisher,' and did some sleuthing on the internet, and was shocked to see how many other people giving, really damning, but justifiable complaints about AM. Of course I was disappointed to find this out, but more relieved. My husband said he wouldn't want me to part with such a large amount of money to people who are nothing more than scammers. Furthermore AM are not listed in 'The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook.' Also major bookshops don't buy books from 'vanity publishers,' considering AM claim to send their authors' books to major bookshops such as WH Smith. Although I regretted sending my manuscript to them, I don't feel too bothered as it was just a copy in any case, not the original. Sorry for the long email, and good luck in getting your book published, and I'm pleased you didn't hand AM any of your money, the only thing to give so-called publishers like then is as wide a berth as possible. As for me, like yourself I'm just going to contact legitimate publishers and agents, even if I get turned down. Getting rejected is one thing, you can shrug it off and move on, however, being left seriously out of pocket is another matter entirely.
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