I just wanted to say a big thank you for this forum and in particular, this post about Austin Macauley. Last Thursday, I received an email from them to say that they found my book favourable. I was so excited until I read the attachments which said they would want a contribution from me. I then felt so gutted and upset. I have, over the Easter weekend, calmed down but have replied to them to say that I had since discovered that they are a vanity publisher and have a bad name. As a new author, I had no idea these sorts of publishers existed. If someone isn't prepared or have the money to self publish, then you want to go through a publisher, don't you. You simply don't expect to 'pay' a publisher at all. I was just so relieved to find your forum. Thanks to my partner, he said why don't you google Austin Macauley to see if it is a scam, because even he said no way was I going to fork out money. So, I won't give up, because one day my first book will be published and I will remain positive about it.