I'm new to this forum, and came here to investigate this most misleading publisher. The information I found here prompted me to be very cautious after meeting with initial enthusiasm from them. In reply to my submission of a query and three chapters I got a letter by mail, on very thick paper and mailed to Canada from the UK (impressive but quite unnecessary when an email could have done), informing me that the editors wanted to read my full manuscript. Instead of sending the manuscript I sent this letter:

"Dear Editors,

I received by mail a letter from XXXXXX informing me that the board of editors would like to view the complete manuscript of my novel Reticence following initial review. I am very heartened by this, but as a realist I would like to obtain some information before I take up your time assessing the full manuscript.

As a linguistics major with experience in teaching creative writing, I can offer you an impeccably edited manuscript. As a previously unpublished author, however, I would rely on vigorous marketing to make my book visible to readers interested in such a work (a lighthearted novel of ideas that juxtaposes two cultures and mentalities). I thoroughly enjoy public speaking and can fire up an audience - if and when I have an audience. Being self-employed, I have enough time and all the willingness to engage in publicity campaigns - if an when I have access to the right venues. I am fully aware that a literary novel by a “dark horse” might require financial input from me for you to proceed with publication and marketing, and this in itself does not make me pause. What I want to be more informed about are some statistics on authors similar to myself whose books you have published. What venues of distribution and marketing have been used? What have their sales been?

I hope you can appreciate that the intent of this letter is to save us both time and unrealistic expectations, and to clear in advance any obstacles to a fruitful interaction.

Yours sincerely,


Never heard from them after this. I don't think the letter was rude or uppity, but maybe they thought so. I certainly don't intend to have further contact with them unless they respond.