I would not even consider Austin Macauley as a publisher. They earn their money from the authors they publish and not from selling the books they publish: your book is extremely unlikely to sell in any decent amount if you go with them, as they just don't have the distribution needed to do better.

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The only thing that prevents me from self publishing is that the big publishing houses, with whom I still have a chance as they have had my submission for three weeks now, make it very clear that they won't touch a book that has already been self published. This reduces my chances of getting any follow up books in my trilogy published either – or does it? I am in such a quandary as what to do. But I know that the one thing I won't be doing is paying nearly £3000 for what sounds like a shoddy product.
Very few reputable publishers will consider publishing books two and three in a trilogy if they didn't also publish book one. It doesn't matter if book one was self-published or published by a major publisher: trilogies have to stay together, as far as publishers are concerned.

If you want a trade publisher for any of the books in this series, your best bet is to query the socks off the first book in your series, and do all you can to find a good agent to represent you.