Hello SDennis I am brand-new to this site and this is my very first post. A week ago I received a contract from Austin Macauley publishers offering to publish my autobiography for the sum of £2900. For a second or two I was delighted that I was holding a publishing contract in my hand, but then rapidly became disillusioned after reading this thread and all the adverse comments about A M.
Its taken me 15 years to write my autobiography (which is in three parts) and the first of the trilogy called White Zulu is my debut as an author. I am severely disabled with multiple sclerosis and am getting worse. I particularly want to get my first book published and then crack on with the second and third, some of which are already partially written.

I have also sent submissions to 3 other publishing houses, all in South Africa. They are Penguin/random, Jonathan Ball and The Marsh Agency. These are all big, global publishing houses, and it was simply because they accepted unsolicited material in that country that I sent them my proposal. They all warned me that they would be several weeks of waiting before they got back to me, and it has been three weeks now since I sent my submissions.

I don't have the sort of money to spare, that A M is asking for, so I am going to wait and see what the others offer (if anything). I don't know if this has been of any help to you? Or indeed that I've posted to the right person in the right place. Since I am totally new to this medium. I am very happy to tell you anything you want to know about A M