In the summer of 2008 I contacted Austin & Macauley with my new book Hysteria. I contaccted them under the knowledge that they were a well respected publishers in London, and my initial dealings with them were vey good.

They asked to read my entire manuscript and then provided me with a exceptionally good evaluation report. But in Jan 2009, today in fact, I had a rejection letter. WHY? Because they wanted a fee to help with finacial costs (due to the current ecenomic crisis) and I refused, being young, disabled and a student.

In my opinion this is outrageous. Austin and Macauley are not a vanity publisher, yet they are treating their authors as one. Well respected Organisation should not be allowed to do this, and I can only assume that it is an attempt to cover their costs whilst retaining their integrity.

My advice to anyone is this: Vanity publishers are bad news, even if they do work under an old, respected name. Avoid them at all costs - There are hundreds of other publishers out there who can do a better job and even pay us for our efforts. Failing this - find an agent, which will be my next step. And above all else- Stay away from A&M who seem to be a cheating money grabbing outfit.

Just a quick note to finish: My first book 'Wild Intentions' has just been released. I you want to know more visit my new website - - and don't let A&M get you down. Keep trying and try other avenues. I will do my best to discredit them in any way I can, especially after they said that they loved my book but wanted money.