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Thread: [Webzine] The Erotic Challenge (Alison X)

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    [Webzine] The Erotic Challenge (Alison X)

    Alison X owner of The Erotic Challenge and The Submissive Challenge websites DOES NOT PAY for your work though she has rates of pay for submissions posted and promises payment in her acceptance email. She advertises with a call for submissions on craigslist. She will publish your work on her site without paying you. Her excuse is that neither Western Union nor PayPal will give her an account. She ignores suggestions that she pay with a money order or use a service that will give her an account. She ignores requests to remove the item from her site.

    You can see my submission to her site here - obviously the site is still up and still has unpaid writing on it. You can see my correspondence with her here.

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    Um, PayPal would pretty much give the anti-Christ an account if he had a valid email address. They even let me have an account. That makes no sense.

    Good luck getting paid.
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    You're not going to get paid, but you can issue a DMCA complaint to her website host, seeing that she has unauthorized material of your on her site.

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    Thank you.
    I gave up hope of payment a while back, I just don't want her getting away with scamming people and she still has submission guidelines, etc. up on her website as if she actually pays for what she takes. I will be filing a complaint.

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    I sent her an email threatening to file a DMCA complaint if she failed to take the page down. She has complied. Below is the email I sent, her response and mine to her.

    On 3/20/08, Kyllyssa wrote:
    > Alison,
    > I'm writing to notify you that I will be filing a DMCA complaint with your
    > website host unless you take down the following page of unauthorized
    > content:
    > I will give you one week to comply then the complaint will be filed.
    > Sincerely,
    > Kylyssa Shay

    Alison X <> wrote: Miss Shay,


    Ouch. I suck at business. I do. But I've been pretty up front with
    you as to what was going on. You joined this board just to post
    something nasty about me.

    If you look now- your content is gone, and we no longer even accept
    freelance submissions. I have been upfront with you throughout this
    process. I apologize for the delay, but Western Union would not
    allow me to open a business account, and PayPal doesn't not allow for
    transactions for Adult Services. I was going to sell the site, but I
    decided that I want to see it when it's finished and all the
    Challenges are written... although Mistress Z and I will be writing
    them ourselves.

    I owe you $25 plus the $10 for being late, and in spite of the fact
    that you have sent me nasty e-mails, publically maligned me, and
    generally been quite the bitch (and not in the good way), I'm going to
    pay you. But you are at the bottom of the list now... because as you
    asked, your content is down.


    PS. If you had actually read the Submission Guidelines that were up
    when you posted this- they clearly stated that there was an issue
    with payment, and that we were delaying acceptance of Submissions.

    On 3/21/08, Kyllyssa wrote:


    You know very well the emails I posted were unedited other than to remove my personal information and address. I can't imagine why you are telling me otherwise - I kept them all - they are on my hard drive. I suggest you look at them again on yours.

    You also know as well as I do that you didn't alter the webpage to read that you were having difficulties paying, well, until after you were. You wrote me an email apologizing for the difficulty as if it were the first you'd encountered it. You did not have a disclaimer on the website stating your payment difficulties when you placed the ad on Craigslist.

    I can't imagine why you are trying to tell me different - this is the computer age, emails record interactions in an easily retrievable format - I have only to look at our interactions on my computer to see that you are mistaken.

    I can't believe you expect me to keep quiet about this! I only posted public warnings after I asked you to take the page down repeatedly and you not only didn't but lied and said you had. You had every opportunity to prevent anything from reaching the public eye. You could have just taken down the page as you said you had. I asked more than once and gave you plenty of time to do it. I even wrote you another email giving the benefit of the doubt, because perhaps you didn't realize that removing an item's link from the index page was not the same as removing the item itself. The page was still up yesterday. You did not remove it until I told you you must or I'd file a DMCA complaint. It took threat of legal action to get you to take it down. And somehow, this makes me the bitch.

    Last edited by Kylyssa Shay; 05-01-2008 at 08:16 PM.

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    Both The Erotic Challenge and Submissive Challenge are gone. Going by the Wayback Machine, they didn't survive '08.

    ETA: Sub Challenge actually relaunched in '10 (at, but closed May '11 due to editor's health issue.
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