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Thread: Cork Hill Press

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    Cork Hill Press

    Since I got junk mail (actual junk mail on paper!) from this outfit, I thought I'd mention it as other people who got their flier might look them up before submitting anything to them.

    Has anyone heard more about them? Has anyone else gotten their junk mail?

    Their Terms of Agreement are here:

    First, yup, they're POD. Their flier didn't show any prices. Their site doesn't seem to show any prices, either, even on the Terms. But if you download their Author's Guide PDF file, you learn that their prices start at $500 for the "Tailor Made plan." (The editor in me had to resist the urge to hyphenate that properly.) They also have a "Cover to Cover plan" that goes for $1600. Ick.

    I have a response to their letter. Nope, no how, no way, never. In fact...

    Look, people, there are better ways to get into print. You can write a book so good people will pay you to publish it. (I know that's not as easy as it sounds because I'm still working on that part.) Or if you really want to self-publish (rather than vanity-publishing), you can hire the printer yourself and save! Sure, you won't get any distribution, but you wouldn't get it with a vanity press, either.
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    Well, looks like enough people agreed: the cork was pulled June 2006.

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