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Thread: [Pub svcs] Xlibris

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    Xlibris buying phone lists?

    I just got a call from a very polite gentleman with one of those outsourcing accents who asked me if his company, Xlibris, might be of assistance in publishing my book. When I asked him where he got my name and telephone number, he claimed he didn't know.

    I have sent out a number of queries and sample chapters--even full manuscripts to some small presses. These are the only places that I can remember mentioning both my telephone number and my manuscript. My question is, have any of you ever heard of traditional publishing houses selling information to vanity presses like Xlibris?

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    That does sound a bit shady. I once published through them. I never got paid any royalties, although my book was selling. I told them I wanted out of my contract so I could go elsewhere for publication of my book, which they agreed to. They told me my contract was cancelled, but there was one copy in the system that they had no control over. Someone here in my town bought the book and brought it to me to autograph. There's still new copies of it being sold, meaning Xlibris is still printing up copies and pocketing the money.

    Now when I self publish, I go through Lulu - it's free and your book is available within minutes, and you can edit and unpublish your book through them at anytime.
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