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Thread: Favorite lines you've written

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    Huh. kkbe's Avatar
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    Just popped to read through some of these excerpts and once again, I find myself thinking, These guys are so effing good. <3
    From SOULLESS:
    It was fate, all right: that the very day he took the shortcut home through that field, and found that knife, and cut his arm with it, and bled a lot and had to stop to rest a minute under that oak tree, somebody he knew would already be up there waiting on him, and that somebody would be Sammy Tucker.
    “Oooooo, Stick Boy.”

    /kk's blog/

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    practical experience, FTW Twick's Avatar
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    Oct 2014
    This is from my first book, but I recently retooled it and I think it works better now:


    "Like you, I have my freedom.”

    “Freedom to do what?”

    Again he pauses. “To do what’s best for the country. Not the king.”

    “Isn’t that the same thing?” Another strange thought. The king and the country are one, aren’t they?

    He sighs. “Not always. Not with some kings.” He sees my puzzlement and quickly adds, “I’m not speaking of your father. He’s been good for Haeasenlun and I’m happy to obey him. But there have been kings in our history... Let’s just say, I’d have been glad to have a choice.”

    “Really? Who?” According to Master Alebeate, Wulfsethen and I are descendants of a long and boring line of Wolfwinds, all of them paragons of wisdom and virtue. Master Alebeate wouldn’t lie to us about that.

    Would he?

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    practical experience, FTW Simpson17866's Avatar
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    Amy: The problem with using katanas against hordes of zombies is that katanas are swords, and humans are designed to be killed by swords. Zombies are not.

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    Slightly nervous. Ragtime's Avatar
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    The Deep South
    Here's one from an abandoned spec fic I'm thinking about picking up again.

    Lyla grabbed his arm and dragged him out into the middle of the street. She said, “Balais!” and the stones became broomsticks.

    “What? We’re going to fly?”

    “No, we’re going to clean up the street a little bit. Yes, we’re going to fly.”

    “Why? Can’t you just teleport us? Where are we going, anyway?”

    “What, you’re scared? More people have died from teleporting than flying, you know..."
    Last edited by Ragtime; 06-20-2017 at 08:52 PM. Reason: Removed the comma between are and we. Herp derp.

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    figuring it all out
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    Apr 2017
    I love reading everyone else's bits, so I thought I would add my own:


    “Fools who wander into sandstorms are certainly strange,” Jotin said. “He was adamant after seeing you in the storm.”

    “And you understand him?” Yudai interjected, from behind Tatsu’s bad side.

    Jotin did smile then, and his teeth were blindingly white against his skin. “I do not use magic, if that is what you are asking. He uses bird sounds, like normal. He simply won’t land until we investigate.”

    He turned and continued forward, and Tatsu heard Yudai huff next to him.

    “I wasn’t asking about magic,” the other man grumbled. “Obviously the hawk uses bird sounds.”
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