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Thread: [Publisher] Publication Consultants

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    [Publisher] Publication Consultants

    Has anyone heard of them? On their website it says:

    Alaska's Premier Publisher Since 1978

    Publication Consultants' logo is your assurance of quality books for and about Alaska and Alaskans, and for everyone who ever lived in Alaska, visited Alaska, or dreamed about visiting Alaska. We've been in the publishing business in Alaska since 1978 and welcome this opportunity to acquaint you with our company.

    Besides self-publishing, they do something called "subsidized publishing". Ever heard of that?

    Their website is:
    If anyone has any experience with self-publishing, I'd appreciate if you could take a look!

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    Jan 2008


    Whoops! Put in an "s" where I shouldn't have!

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    I have been doing a little research on POD publishers over the past few months. I hadn't heard of these guys until now. Had a look at their site.

    Now, opening webpage, plenty of books advertised, which is a good start.

    I'm a bit puzzled with the "we've been around for three decades" bit as they then go on to say they want to "aquaint" themselves with us. There's a pdf to download about all their publishing services and options. I'd read this very, very carefully. The subsidy bit is about you as author paying to be published. As there is no mention of POD "printondemand" print technology, I assume its all standard offset printing methods that they employ.

    They are also a bit fuzzy about proper copy-editing and only refer to proofreading. Also they don't go into too much detail about the distribution channels. One option that puts me off is the one where they offer a one off fee to buy your manuscript out without any chance of royalties. This is a no no.

    Best I can suggest is to pop down to your local bookshop if you live in Alaska and see if thir titles are stocked. If they are, then thats a good sign. Then I would suggest you get a hold of an email contact for one of their authors listed on an online author site, preferably not one of their testimonial authors and get some real hands on feedback from them.

    Hope I have been of some help.

    Mick Rooney

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    Camille, you can edit your old post to fix or remove the wuppsed link

    They look pretty straight-up, the site doesn't make me itch and I am very allergic to BS.
    Inspiration can be as destructive as any other form of fire.

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    Pulication Consultants

    Thanks for checking that site out thoroughly for me. The information is for one of the women in my writer's group, but I have thought of going POD for a couple of my picture books (not about Alaska though - her short manuscript is about Alaska).
    I emailed her before I saw what you wrote on the forum and I told her pretty much the same as you did about buying her manuscript and not receiving any royalties. I know people get hard up for money, but I can't ever see a writer doing that (even a starving one!).
    We live in Indiana so there won't be any "popping" to check out their bookstores in Alaska. This woman was given a grant to go to Alaska to do research for a book. She really hasn't had enough rejections yet to throw in the towel. I think her manuscript needs work, but I think it would work in a school library quite well.

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    Thumbs up Self Publishing Your Own Ebook

    Whatever you do really consider transferring and/or assigning your copyrights to anyone outright. Today your manuscript may not be worth much, but one never knows what will happen at sometime in the future. Below is one of the options of the website. I'd stay away from this option unless the payout was gigantic and/or you really, really needed the money.

    4-We Buy Your Manuscript Outright
    Under this plan, you as the author, and we as the publisher, agree on price and terms of buying your manuscript. You receive a onetime fee, with no future royalty payments. We make all decisions as to style, paper, printing, binding, illustrations, time and manner of production, price, publication, and all other decisions relating to publishing, sales, and marketing of your book. Copyright and all subsidiary rights belong exclusively to Publication Consultants.

    This plan seems to be best for authors who want to sell their manuscript for a anytime fee, and don't want further involvement in their book.

    POD is print on demand. Meaning you print when you need more books. If you are your own publisher you'll be printing on demand. This also means you'll be responsible for editing, graphic design, marketing, promotions, distribution, royalty collection and so forth. The process is worth the experience and since you'll be doing most of the work anyway you may want to consider starting your own publishing company to publish your own books. For additional details on publishing your own books click here or here.


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