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Thread: Have automakers no shame?

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    Have automakers no shame?

    Seems you can't pick up a newspaper or tune in the local news without another story about innocent bystanders mowed down by street racing slimeball punk jerk a-holes.

    So, what's the latest marketing tool in TV commercials for cars? Yup, street racing.

    A Cadillac spot ends with a yuppette cooing that the most important thing you can do with your CTS is "Show up the Boys Club" as she tears away from a green light and leaves behind a Mercedes Benz full of befuddled dudes. Since the street scene is computer generated, there is no "Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt" disclaimer.

    Isuzu and Volvo show their cars, with disclaimer, careening merrily through that same "Closed course" that cleverly looks like a typical busy city street.

    Yes, it's true automakers aren't responsible for how their products are used, but it's irresponsible to suggest that they be used this way. Screw you and your disclaimers.
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