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Thread: Chumming Email Trolling for Writers I think is a Scam...

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    Working on 2nd WIP SherryTex's Avatar
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    Exclamation Chumming Email Trolling for Writers I think is a Scam...

    Subject line said: Read your blog.... I eliminated the names of the sites and the author of said email --but this seems like a preditorial scam or at the very least, the work of a sloppy individual with pie in sky dreams...I want others to see this, in case it comes to an email box near you.
    and I think you might be the kind of writer we're looking for ... below

    is our "form letter" ... let me know what you think ...

    - *****


    Call For Talented Writers!!!

    I'm gathering some writers together to write for a site about once a week or so. I'm only looking for certain types of writing: clever, witty stuff that entertains the masses while being fairly intellectual in its humor.

    Oxymoron, right? Well, I'm all about some oxymorons. We got room for them as well as smart people.

    My goal for a launch is to gather 10 talented writers (with room for maybe 10 more in the future). I need them to be regular writers that post 1 article a week or at the least, once every other week. The post can be as short as a few paragraphs and sort of bloggish or up to a 1000 words and covering a subject.

    The only requirement is that the writing be entertaining and somewhat funny. The model that's closest to what I'm looking to do is http://www.***********.com ... but I still consider their entries a little too long.

    Interested? Know anyone else who might be? I'm looking for people of all ages and backgrounds that want to be heard.

    What do you get out of it? Simple. A million dollars, payable when the site goes public and the shares sell like we're made of liquid Google.

    Also, you'll get satisfaction of tickling the funny bone of anyone who happens across our corner of the net. So what that means to you, is increased exposure and another presence on the net to showcase your incredible talent.

    You are being contacted because either I found you or you've been recommended to me. Either way, you've passed the first test: having a valid email.

    The next test is to submit a piece or two if you're interested. What exactly am I looking for?? Goto http://www.*******.com and read a few entries. My pieces are a mixture of anecdotes, blogs and stories but not all of them are the type of material I'm looking for on this new site.

    *****.com is the site I've built although I'm still playing around with its functionality. The entries on it should be short enough to be read while eating a Pop Tart and hopefully, entertaining. A few may even be a tad insightful as long as they still hold the core component, humor.

    Why am I doing this?? Why not? As writers, we write to be heard. Why not have one more place that people can come to that they know will always entertain them? I want to build a strong network of talented writers that will one day look back and say, "I used to write for *****."

    So take a chance, send me something or a few links to your stuff. Let me know you're interested.

    Me speaking here: Anyone who says, join this for no money down and earn a million dollars maybe sometime in the future is selling something you shouldn't buy. Anyone who says they've read your blog but 1) left no comments and 2) gives no specifics --name of blog, post they enjoyed etc. is not necessarily a friend of yours or a reader 3) If it smells funny, don't buy it.

    Thought it might belong here, just in case someone out there feels the praise, and man when those rejections come in the mail, sometimes praise alone can feel pretty good, and is tempted to fall prey. --Sherry
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    I think you've covered the red flags pretty well. I agree, this thing has either "scam" or "incompetent" (or maybe a mix of both) written all over it. If the sender is sending it in good faith, I'd say there is a severe lack of understanding about what Internet exposure can and can't actually do. If the sender isn't sending it in good faith, then it pretty much has to be a scam (unless it is a joke).

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    Down Under Fan HeronW's Avatar
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    This is such a slag site ad. Free for whomever while you spend your time and effort writing for 'liquid' Google? Definitely a scam. Not a very good sample of fiction either. :}
    Sometimes the only thing between the lines is empty space--except for here:

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    I grow my own catnip JulieB's Avatar
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    Either way, you've passed the first test: having a valid email.
    Why do I suspect it's the only test?

    A million dollars? Pardon me while I have a Dr. Evil moment...

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    Sherry, can you forward the original to me at Writer Beware? My email address is Thanks.

    - Victoria


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