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The following post is one of my pet peeves in life. It involves the effective usage of words in a manner that I feel is underhanded and ultimately deceptive.
Now, one hundred yards is the same as 300 feet. And 300 feet is a considerable distance, but my point here is that it's not TERRIBLY long.
something is one hundred yards. Courtroom lawyers do it a lot and I think it's sneaky and rotten.
The usage of words is what we writers do. And I think this particular usage of words is NOT intellectually honest.
My goodness! I hear words that aren't intellectually honest every day I turn on the radio (yes, even on NPR!!!), or feast my eyes above the words on this page: "Ads provided by Google and not endorsed by AW" (now why do you suppose THOSE words are there...).

May I suggest a cynical reading of this book, almost surely in print continuously since before I was born:

I've got pet peeves, but even the most egregious misuses of words and phrases isn't one of them.

But what do I know, it's "only a theory..."