According to the link Denis posted (click me) in the He thought thread, a scene and a sequel are made up by a series of MRUs. Dwight Swain defines scene as "Goal, Conflict, Disaster" and Sequel as "Reaction, Dilemma, Decision."

I'm getting the impression that the sequel is mostly internal processing, following the Scene. Mr. Ingermanson describes well how to use MRUs with Scene, but doesn't go into detail on how to use MRUs with Sequel. If Sequel is the internal processing, what would be the Motivation unit? Using his example:

The tiger dropped out of the tree and sprang toward Jack.

A bolt of raw adrenaline shot through Jack's veins. He jerked his rifle to his shoulder, sighted on the tiger's heart, and squeezed the trigger. "Die, you bastard!"

The bullet grazed the tiger's left shoulder. Blood squirted out of the jagged wound. The tiger roared and staggered, then leaped in the air straight at Jack's throat.
Let's say Jack fires another shot and it kills the tiger. How would a Sequel look using MRUs?