As usual, I'm the last one to the party—in this case, the blogging party! I figured I'd experiment with it and see if I can generate just a little side income. So I'm monetizing my new WordPress blog but can't figure out how to insert the AdSense code into the main post area. I know how to put it in the sidebar with a text widget but I may want to try different placements.

I downloaded the AdSense Manager plug-in, but I don't really understand it. At Google's site, I had already chosen all the colors for the links, etc., and generated the code, so is this plug-in redundant for me?

I'm using my own hosting and domain name because I'm familiar with how to set up Web sites, but learning a new piece of software is always tough. Can someone with more WordPress experience than me (IOW, just about everybody) help me out with where to put the code or what files to modify? Thanks!