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Thread: Square One Publishers

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    Square One Publishers

    I am a new author that recently sent out 52 query letters to the publishing world from Writer's Market. I received 5 "No's" thus far and one call today from Square One Publishers out of New York. I have read that I shouldn't jump into things but I feel this is a good publishing company although I don't have an offer. Can anyone contribute a reason that I should not pursue?

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    James D Macdonald

    Re: Square One Publishing?

    I don't see any instant red flags. Perhaps Victoria or Dave could chime in?

    This looks like a reasonable small press with a defined niche.

    Your next step is to go to your bookstore and find some of their titles on the shelf, to check the quality.

    Meanwhile, what are they asking for? A partial? The full manuscript?

    You might consider giving a reasonable time limit if they're asking for an exclusive look. When the next publisher gets in touch, you'll need to say "Square One is also looking at this book."

    Remember that a book that is publishable by one is publishable by many.

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    Square One

    I haven't received any complaints about them at P&E. Their web site appears to offer enough information about them and what they publish.

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    aka eraser

    Re: Square One

    Square One was the first publisher I sent my book proposal/outline to.

    Within a few days I received a very encouraging letter from Mr. Shur, the founder/publisher, expressing interest but regretting he had no available slots in that calendar year. He said he was certain it was a saleable book and if I didn't place it elsewhere in the meantime to please re-submit in a few months.

    I did place it with the next publisher I contacted but I'll always have a soft spot for Mr. Shur for his kind words.

    That being said, I'd still strongly second Jim's suggestion to check bookstores for their titles.

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    Square One

    Thank you! This is good information! He asked for a copy of a chapter along with the cover since I already have that done. I should have asked him when he would have a response but I didn't want to push it since I realize how busy they all are. I will check the bookshelves. Thanks again.

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    Square One Publishers


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