There is a judgment against Cris Robins in Washington Superior Court (King County) for $8,320 for breach of contract, fraudulent business practice and consumer protection violations. Robins was served with a summons and complaint at her home on a Sunday morning a few months ago. This judgment will affect her credit and may lead to garnishment of her bank account, as well as a visit from the sheriff to collect on the judgment with cash or personal property, if Robins fails to pay or settle the judgment. I have also submitted complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Missouri Attorney General's Office which both show up as Unresolved/Disputed.

I will happily provide my complaint filngs or lawsuit documentation as sample drafting to make it easier for other to proceed against Robins. I found Robins 5 years ago in the Jeff Hermann Writer's Guide and believed her to be legitimate, having no idea as a hopeful new author that I would be defrauded. Feel free to contact me for more information. My efforts are directed solely at shutting down the Robins Agency and Cris Robins; I am happy to assist anyone interested in doing the same.


Christopher Dahl, Esq.