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    Here they are. Here's the list of participants, in case you're interested in guessing who wrote what:


    (Note: Some authors haven't yet sent in their poems.)

    I'll reveal the authors of each after New Year's. Enjoy!


    The Season of Gold
    by LimeyDawg
    for threedogpeople

    Hope was saved by a westward star,
    and rode a path of purest white,
    distilled, it found him swaddled there
    against the cold of shattered night.

    Then Joseph’s son, a promise set,
    against the endless track of time,
    eternal peace for coin of faith--
    balance due by the tolling chime.

    He guaranteed in blood, the pact,
    that good illumes the lost soul’s way,
    where none are barred the righteous path
    who find an earnest knee to pray.

    Yet in the mangered season’s shine
    the sometimes faithful fret their lot,
    forgetful of the gift He gave
    they seek the things that they have not.

    Yet should the season find you spent,
    and coinless on the blessed day,
    remember promised riches wait
    for faithful feet that find the way.

    Lo! Stay the frenzied buying pace,
    and gaze upon the lighted tree
    discover hope in twinkling glows
    and faith in pine’s eternal leaves.


    by Pat~
    for poetinahat

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the forum,
    Not a poet was showing improper decorum.
    They’d each hung their jingles on the Poet-Tree with care,
    In hopes that their Moderator would soon be there.

    They posted, then snuggled deep down in their beds,
    While visions of rep comments danced in their heads.
    And I in my PJ’s, with laptop in lap,
    Had just settled down for my Christmas Eve nap,

    When out from the Net there arose such a clatter,
    I logged on to see just what was the matter;
    Into the forum I flew like a flash,
    Expecting to see all now lost but the cache.

    The glow from the screen of my laptop so fine
    Gave the luster of green lights from peeps now online,
    When what to my wondering eye should appear—
    A bard-in-a-hat from the wrong hemisphere!

    He was clutching a gift of some squid for the Squad,
    And I knew in a moment, it must be our Mod.
    More rapid than eagles his poets all came,
    As he posted and PM’d and called them by name:

    “Now Limey, now Turkey, now Haskins and Annie!
    On Louis, on Neuro, on Sebby and Jenny!
    To the top of “New Posts,” lest these threads start to fall!
    Now write away! write away! write away all!”

    As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly
    When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
    So up to the forum, the poets they flew,
    With their heads full of iambs; pentameter, too.

    And then in a twinkling, there appeared in no time
    The prosodic inscribing of each poet’s rhyme.
    As I stretched out my hand, and was starting to post,
    Again came that modly bard, fresh from the coast.

    He was dressed in his boardies, all wet head to toe,
    And clutched in his hand was a soggy rondeau;
    A bundle of rep points was flung on his back,
    Along with some crits and a well-timed wisecrack.

    His eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry!
    His cheeks were all suntanned, though lately quite hairy;
    The smile on his face was as sly as a cat,
    And perched on his head was that infamous hat.

    He took down the jingles from our Poet-Tree,
    And then began reading one written by me;
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
    Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

    He opened his sack and dispensed his rp’s
    For all of our efforts with the greatest of ease.
    His praise was prolific, his crits were astute—
    Though his own greater talent no one would dispute.

    Then laying a finger aside of his hat,
    His green light went red as my neighbor’s Fiat.
    But I heard him exclaim, as he hid from our sight,
    “Merry Christmas to all here at Absolute Write!”


    For P.H. Delarran
    by Meerkat
    for p.h.delarran

    Too long away,
    So little write,
    These ninety days
    Of brittle right.

    Under a tent,
    P.H. slipped ears,
    "The Answer Man
    will calm your fears."

    But such men prey
    On depth of thought,
    They outpace "pray,"
    Don't do what ought.

    P.H. slipped out,
    Sad, old, but wise,
    From tent of doubt,
    To trust her eyes.

    Same eyes we love,
    Who read her lines,
    Which rise above,
    Misleading signs.

    There is a tent,
    We all enjoy,
    And free of rent,
    Where few play coy.

    Too long away,
    So little write,
    P.H.'s lines
    Once more in sight.

    This rent-free thread,
    This room of word,
    Of laid-bare head,
    Where soulful heard.

    No Answer Man,
    No magic dove,
    No chosen clan,
    Just trust and love.

    Shun charlatan,
    All fire and wrath,
    Dear Delarran:
    Enjoy the path.



    by Jenny
    for Meerkat

    The poet tastes the world in words
    and offers cooking lessons.

    Pinch and prod, select and strip.
    Mix this with that. Add a dash --
    Sprinkle insight. Taste a sip
    Steep in pain. Sear with passion.
    Roast or simmer, let it burn!

    No wonder poets starve.


    The Night Before Christmas (In the House of Love)
    by rhymegirl
    for Unique

    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the House
    Not a member was posting,
    Not even "oneblindmouse."

    Santa puzzled at this
    For he found it quite odd,
    No House of Love members,
    Why, not even a mod!

    The hot tub was empty,
    The water all drained,
    Zach, the towel boy, had bolted
    When finally unchained.

    Santa put down his sack
    And was scratching his head,
    Just where were all these people?
    Maybe all in Ray’s bed?

    Then as he was puzzling,
    He turned with a jerk,
    For he sensed someone peeking,
    It was more of a lurk.

    “Who is there?” Santa shouted,
    “Don’t be shy, can’t you speak?”
    “It’s just me,” came her voice,
    Then he saw her-- Unique.

    “Ah, Unique!” Santa said,
    “Good to see you, my dear,
    I’ve a present for you,
    You’ve been so good this year.”

    “I have?” asked Unique,
    “Do you really think so?”
    “Why, you bet!” Santa said,
    “I’m surprised you don’t know.

    “While these other folks here
    Say some real raunchy stuff,
    You just lurk."
    Said Unique, “And you think that’s enough?”

    “Why, of course! It’s delightful,
    This lurking you do,
    It’s so different, UNIQUE--
    Why, exactly like you!”

    Santa gave her a gift--
    A nice, shiny red sleigh,
    Then Unique climbed aboard,
    And flew up and away.

    And I heard Santa say
    As she drove out of sight,
    “Merry Christmas, my dear,
    And to all a good night.”


    Journey from Christmas to Easter
    by threedogpeople
    for Pat~

    In an ice cold stable
    on a moonless night,
    a young girl labored
    with all her might.

    A goat softly nickered,
    a donkey brayed,
    watching in wonder,
    her husband prayed.

    He made a bed
    as he worried and paced,
    "Newborn babies
    don't take much space"

    He found a manger then
    filled it with hay;
    he did his best
    on that cold winter day.

    The girl bore down,
    and then he came;
    the babe looked around
    as she spoke his name.

    "Your name is Jesus,"
    she softly said,
    then placed him gently,
    in his humble bed.

    The angels sang
    in the star's bright light
    "The prince has come!
    Oh, Holy Night."

    The shepherds came,
    called in the night;
    the whole and the lame,
    radiant with delight.

    And when they did
    they received God's grace,
    they were first from outside
    to see the child's face.

    Christmas has come
    and the world's under stress;
    my family is too
    I must confess.

    But we'll pause from
    the hectic lives we pursue
    and remember He came
    for us and for you.

    He gave up his life
    on a rough cross, you know,
    to take our sins and
    wash us white as snow.

    Christmas is a journey
    that leads to the cross
    but it's not a fable
    and it's not a loss.

    Love the Lord
    with all of your heart,
    he'll take your sins
    and that's just the start.

    He'll remember and protect
    each and every one of us,
    he'll do it from love
    and doesn't ask for much.

    Accept the gift of God's son
    in this season of love
    but Easter is coming
    through that gift from above.

    Accept the gift now
    and we'll never be apart
    God has promised to protect us
    with His Holy Son's heart.


    by CurtisPutnam
    for Stew21

    Progressing like a spinning top
    Traveled the landscape in buses
    Nursing wound upon wounds
    Not quite divorced, not quite freed
    Seen the world from inside jails
    Looked out the dirty windows of soul
    Landed here improbably cleansed
    Leaking humility, far from home.

    In the night dark street glistens with rain
    Homeless in the shelter of buildings
    Suddenly filled with disgust
    Resolve moved to change the landscape
    Spent coin no heads no tails
    Chose direction by indirections
    Somewhere between Memphis and West Memphis
    The policeman questioned intentions
    As though suicide were an option
    When seeing God flowing in the Mississippi.

    The kindness of strangers
    Treasure of human-kind
    Cleaned the house
    Cracked the door.

    Some timeless portal swung open
    Thrust soul into verity
    The sun came splashing to brain
    Like fresh cornbread upon tongue
    Eternity an onionskin away.

    Which way the wind blows
    That blows us Home?


    by JBI
    for ddgryphon

    Floating down
    Onto the field
    Unique image
    Alone; Different
    Crunched upon the field
    Becoming nothing amongst
    Mashed mess
    Fearing the spring
    And its thaw

    Evergreen Tree
    Upright in the forest
    Stand true; proud
    Noble; Strong
    Roots run deep;
    But axes
    Whack whack whack
    Unsinew dreams
    Right out of the

    Run noble free
    Together in the hunt
    Teeth tearing at
    Feasting upon the stag
    Yet bigger pieces others
    Grab; lesser
    Wolf gets
    Smallest Cut

    Sitting there under the tree
    Representing the effort
    But not what
    You want
    Trying so hard
    To please
    Yet not quite
    Bottom of the junk

    Snowflake tree
    Wolf and gift
    Life is cold
    Death is swift
    Work is hard
    Days grow dark
    Caught off guard
    Silenced bark;
    Dying Sun
    Already begun


    by ddgryphon
    for Jenny

    rings across
    generations past:
    altered in form, spirit never
    lost, though it divides
    nations; joins
    lost souls


    Because of You
    by Unique
    for rhymegirl

    Like a warm wind through my soul
    Your friendship brings beauty and light
    to my dark places.

    A gift of wine soothing a parched throat
    Given freely and with joy.
    Like warm snow – a miracle.

    Young at heart, yet gently wise
    Compassionate and generous
    You share both wit and wisdom

    Merry Christmas my friend
    and great blessings to you
    We are richer in our souls

    Because of you.

    (two in one)
    by dahmnait
    for AmaNicole

    1. Christmas Heart

    It matters not where
    You are, because Christmas hope
    Is where the heart is.

    2. Untitled

    Her eyes sparkle, pure
    Delight as each box is opened.
    Revealing treasures stored
    Till that once a year grace
    Where against nature's backdrop
    Icicles of spun glass
    Are gently placed
    Next to clothespin reindeer.
    White, fluffy pom-poms of Santa’s beard
    Memories of childhood past.
    Strands of colored stars, arranged
    Just so.
    Nighttime sprinkles between
    Silver webs of tinsel.
    And above it all,
    Beautiful in its depiction
    Of love and hope,
    A silver star to guide us home.

    Blown Glass
    by Stew21
    for LimeyDawg

    one bulb, perfect,
    it hangs from an untrustworthy hook
    five others look the same,
    as ten others.
    a uniform look.

    but the one
    it stands alone.
    what's put into it shines through its thin, icy skin,
    the glass - glowing warm with light and merry.
    What's put in - transparent - we see it;
    the love revealed in the annealing -
    the patience.
    built-in strength for endurance.

    The blown glass bulb -
    built from extremes: heat, time, and love.

    For Christmas - I'll take the not perfect,
    the handmade,
    the blown glass, the unique, the meant.
    For this Christmas - I'll take the effort.

    The time.

    The beauty of imperfection, the joy of a season.

    Let it become beautiful with effort, let it glow,
    with time, let it sing with patience,
    for in years, it's imperfection
    will still be lit by the memory and be


    Still My Beaten Heart
    by poetinahat
    for Solatium

    as I despaired in empty days
    of gilded fattened sleep, I’d dream
    of peace in nonexistence: Death
    to still my beaten heart?

    but every time, I’d hesitate
    to give away my living breath
    and, strange, the force that stayed my hand
    was still my beaten heart

    forgetting morbid depths of blue,
    resumed my plodding sanity
    contented but unsatisfied,
    but still my beaten heart

    at last I startled from my slumber,
    shrugged off years of thickened dust:
    With Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men
    instill my beaten heart!


    The Comfort of Christmases to Come
    by p.h.delarran
    for JBI

    Gather near today
    In thankfulness and gladness
    Reach for the bounty laid out before you
    Fill your belly with goodness

    Outside the wind blows harsh
    The trees are bent and heaving
    Yet at the hearth, may your heart beat warm
    With those you love beside you

    Take comfort in these moments
    Let the season’s joy entice you
    The wind will soon stop howling,
    The trees will stop their heaving

    And you, my friend, will soon arrive
    At that place your heart’s been seeking
    Where the wind is never howling,
    Where the trees are never heaving


    Christmas Wish
    by p.h. delarran
    for CurtisPutnam

    A simple Christmas wish
    Is what I offer you
    No tinsel wrap, or gilded dish
    Heaped high with Christmas goo

    I cannot sing a carol
    My voice is much too weak
    I will not fix a fruit cake
    I know you would not eat

    I’ve packed away the ornaments
    And all the pretty lights
    Yet still I gaze out at the stars
    On these cold Winter nights

    A joy has grown inside my heart
    I wish to pass it on
    I wish to share the Christmas hope
    That one bright night was born

    For Christmas is not only gold
    It’s silver, red and blue
    It’s lasting hope and family blood
    And friends faithful and true

    To you my friend, I lift my glass
    And wish you all the best
    The year will fly, it always does
    And Christmas may come last

    But in my heart, and in yours too
    May we carry all the year
    A spirit high with wondrous hope
    A spirit full of cheer


    Eternal Light
    by ddgryphon
    for dahmnait

    ancient skies,
    bright in glorious
    hope, bringing grace to all people.
    Now shines out from those
    who know the

    - fin -
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