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Thread: [Agency] Fresh Books (Matt Wagner)

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Thumbs up [Agency] Fresh Books (Matt Wagner)

    I would not be a good one to ask as he sort of failed in the communications dept here is P E response

    From P & E...

    Fresh Books: $ A literary agency focusing in non-fiction and reference
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    practical experience, FTW
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    Has anyone had any recent experience with Matt or have any new info? Thanks.

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    Email Query.

    Excellent response time.

    Read my whole MS and gave a page of valuable critique, then talked on the phone for an hour.

    Offered respresentation but was gracious enough to wait till I had heard from all other interested parties till I made a decision.

    Has some 16 years exp, principly in NF technical books, but is pushing to branch out into NF narratives.

    Seemed very amicable and professional

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    You weren't kidding about excellent response time. Sent a query, got a request for proposal 20 minutes later. He passed on it 5 days later.

    Very professional. I'd say if you do the kind of stuff he handles, he would be a great choice.
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