I received this from Tim Bete, organizer of the Erma Bombeck conference and humor writer. I thought people might be interested in this, I emailed my parents...what I want for Christmas...

We had so many people get shut out of the 2008 Erma Bombeck Writers'
Workshop that we've decided to record many of the sessions and make
them available on MP3-CDs. Fleetwood Multimedia, who recorded the
2006 workshop, will be back to record the 2008 workshop -- and they
have an incredible deal for you.

If you pre-order the 2008 workshop recordings for $89, Fleetwood will
give you the 2006 recordings at no cost. That works out to less than
$3 per workshop session.

You can pre-order the workshop recordings at:
http://www.fleetwoo donsite.com/ ermabombeck