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Thread: 2004 Outlook for Writers -- free report

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    2004 Outlook for Writers -- free report

    “2004 Outlook For Writers” is a free report By Dee Power and
    Brian Hill. Over 100 editors and literary agents participated
    in a survey conducted in mid 2004 by Brian Hill and Dee Power,
    authors of “The Making of a Bestseller,” Dearborn Trade,
    March 2005. The majority of the participating editors were
    from major publishing houses; however editors from small and
    university presses participated as well. The agents completing
    the survey were from well known agencies as well as boutique

    The 12 page “2004 Outlook for Writers” report
    answers the questions:

    Can Writers Expect Changes on the Horizon for
    the Publishing Industry?
    From the Literary Agent’s Point of View
    From the Editors

    Why Do Editors Say No?
    Why Editors Decline Nonfiction
    And Saying No to Fiction

    What Do Experts, Agents and Booksellers Think About
    the Future of Publishing?

    Advice From Editors On How To Succeed As An Author

    If you would like a copy of Power and Hill’s report
    “2004 Outlook For Writers” Just send an email to
    The report will be sent to you as a PDF file at no charge.
    You will also be subscribed to our complimentary monthly
    newsletter “Words For Writers and Readers.”

    Dee Power (Ms.)
    Co-author with Brian Hill of “The Making of a Bestseller,”
    Dearborn Trade, March 2005

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    Outlook for writers -- free report

    Is there a 2005 or 2006 edition?

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Not as such, but there are more recent Q&A sessions with agents and publishers posted on their site.

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