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    Congratulations! We received 12 entries! That's fantastic. Now, it's time for the AW folks to judge them. Each AWer may vote one (1) time via PM. Each entry is below, posted anonymously here. People who entered may also vote.

    To vote ...
    1. Create a Private Message address to me.
    2. Subject line should read "MCL Contest Vote"
    3. Choose the three entries that best suit the contest description (below) and put them in rank order from first to third. The body of your email might look like this:

      1, 7, 12

    4. You may include comments. Put those AFTER your vote. Try to keep each comment 30 words or less. I'll include comments when I announce winners. If you're making a comment about a specific entry, be sure to say something like this:

      12. Great entry, flowed well.
    Votes must be received by PM no later than 8:45 p.m. EST, Thursday, Nov. 22.

    You can, may and should discuss the entries here. As always, your feedback means plenty to the entrants. So, be constructive, be fair, but do offer feedback. Again, the discussion thread is here.

    To reprise, contestants were asked to write a vignette about the person described here:
    "Brenda Karricker is a ranch hand in Montana who has spent the last three seasons working the 99ers Ranch outside of Butte. No one's sure how or why Brenda traveled from Maryland to Montana, however, they are all sure this mother of three and former investment banker left plenty behind to come work here."
    The entries follow. Good luck to all contestants and let the voting begin!
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