WELCOME to the best contest on AW! Here's the Quick Summary:

Who: You!
What: Character Building Contest
Where: Absolute Write Dot Com Forums
When: Now through 8:45 p.m., Monday, Nov. 19; Judging Nov. 19-22; winners announced Nov. 23

The MCL Character Building Contest

Use the information provided below to build a character. The final product should be a living, breathing human being, built on the premise we provide below. When writing the passage, details matter, both in physical description and personal history. The end result should read like a passage from a book; not from a police blotter. It should flow. It should carry the reader through a series of human events. It should read as though it were pulled from a book. As you might have gathered, this is an exercise to help you build your writing chops with an emphasis on character creation and development.

All that said, the following should be used to write your entry:
"Brenda Karricker is a ranch hand in Montana who has spent the last three seasons working the 99ers Ranch outside of Butte. No one's sure how or why Brenda traveled from Maryland to Montana, however, they are all sure this mother of three and former investment banker left plenty behind to come work here."
No less than 500 but no more than 1,000 words


Entries will be taken from now until 8:45 p.m. EST, Monday, Nov. 19. We'll judge the entries based on all the usual criteria. However, we're looking to you to build this character from the word clay we've handed you. Goal is to write that descriptor as though it would be published.
  • A new copy of Frank Miller’s graphic novel “300” upon which the movie was based
  • A black "Air Force Reserve" T-shirt in your size
  • A deep blue "Air Force Reserve" Coffee Mug
  • Three fantastic "Air Force Reserve" executive pens
  • First-place certificate

  • An Air Force Reserve Coffee Mug
  • Second-Place Certificate
  • A white Air Force Reserve T-Shirt
  • Third-Place Certificate
Send submissions to jst5150 via Private Message. DO NOT POST THEM HERE. Once all the submissions are received, they will be posted anonymously in one thread, with the premise of the character leading off. Again, send submissions via PM directly to jst5150.

Judging will be done, as always, by the AW community. Voters are asked to pick the Top 3, in order, by number. Voters should send their votes in a Private Message to me. Votes must be received by 8:45 p.m. EST, Thursday, Nov. 22. (Note: We may also have a special celebrity guest judge helping out … I don’t want to jinx it. However, that person may help judge the entries as well ... more to come.

In addition to the submissions thread, the contest will also have a discussion thread for AW to discuss each anonymous entry.
For more information, please PM jst5150 for more.

Ready? Get writing!