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Thread: Intellegent Courses / (Nick Daws)

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    Euan Harvey

    Intellegent Courses / (Nick Daws)

    I hope this is in the right place.

    I have to share this. I saw this ad in a message from a mailing list. The URL for this guys page is here:

    Basically he claims that he can teach you how to write any book in 28 days -- Yes! That's right! ANY Book! in 28 DAYS!!

    I especially liked the pop-up that appeared that had a fifteen-minute countdown on it before the 'special' offer expired.

    Anyway, this is what the web-page has to say about the author of this incredible course:


    >Living in his luxurious English home, Nick Daws has been a full-time author for over 12 years. He enjoys a life of holidaying with his beautiful wife, playing his part as a regional celebrity, and occasionally putting finger to keyboard to write another book.

    >Those that write books stand out from the crowd. Those that write best selling books become famous. In the past three years alone, Nick Daws has written over 30 best sellers and continues to write at a ground-breaking pace!

    So...over thirty best-sellers, eh?


    Well, they must have been under pseudonyms, because gives 11 results for Nick Daws.

    >The freewriting technique and why THEY don't want you to know about it!

    >How to only ever write in five minute segments, so you never lose interest!

    Now this sounds interesting. I wonder what it involves.

    >Where to buy a guaranteed best selling plot for just 50 cents!

    I'll give you all a best-selling plot for free:

    Boy meets girl. They fall in love. After some troubles and misunderstandings, eventually they get married.

    (Well, it worked for Barbara Cartland, didn't it?)

    >The three keywords that simply blast your story to life!


    >The absolute quickest methods of research (nothing to do with the Internet!)

    Again. I would love to know this. It might even involve reading a book on the subject you're interested in.

    >How to use Power Editing to edit your entire book in under one hour

    This must be what those folks over at PA use.

    I can't believe people actually are buying this. Good grief.



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    Re: Write ANYTHING!! In ONLY 28 DAYS !!!

    Desperate people look for desperate way out.

    People will buy s*** if you sell it. Really. If you can live without your conscience, you can do it, too!

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    Re: Write ANYTHING!! In ONLY 28 DAYS !!!

    Thirty best sellers in one year, huh? That's ten books every four months. It took me two years just to write one book. Of course I had to actually live a life during that time too.

    But still... that's alot of writing. He must have a staff of ghost writers that write up things for him. He dictates into a machine, they write.
    Of course, the books are probably crap.

    <sigh> but you're right, people will buy anything.

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    I think

    it was 30 best sellers in 12 years.

    I've done 70,000 words in 32 days. A complete novel--of course I did nothing else in that time--we ate on paper plates and everyone had to fend for themselves as far as clean clothes. And I think they did dishes until they decided paper plates were better. LOL

    I really don't know, other than when I keyed "the end" the first thing I did was clean the house from end to end and ask--did anyone pay the bills, followed by when was the last time the cat box was changed?


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    Euan Harvey

    Re: Write ANYTHING!! In ONLY 28 DAYS !!!

    "It was 30 best sellers in 12 years"

    Really? He says three on the web-site.

    ______________________________________ hijack the thread:

    "I've done 70,000 words in 32 days."

    That's 2187 words a day average, which is certainly doable.

    But, I'm curious, how long did it take you to do the 2,200 words each day?

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    Re: Write ANYTHING!! In ONLY 28 DAYS !!!

    You're right, 30 novels in three years. Get my eyes checked. But still, that's 10 novels A YEAR. That's writing as many as some publishers publish!

    I would still like to know the QUALITY of those books.

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    oops--me bad. I missed the "in three years" and only saw the been writing for 12 years.

    I wrote 6 days a week, so it was an average of about 3,000 words a day.

    I wrote that in about 2 hrs a day (which is what 25 to 30 wpm) , then spent an hr editing for spelling and mechanics in the previous days work.

    So I spent about 3 hrs a day working on the new book, and about an hour editing a book I had finished.

    4 hr total per day. My writing time is right now cut down to 2 hrs a day or less, and re-keying takes longer than free writing.


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    Re: Okay

    This reminds me of the NewNovelist software. I looked at their "published authors" page. Six of the nine books were published through vanity presses, two through small traditional presses, and one that I'm not sure about.

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    Is "hype" short for "hyperventilate" or "hyperbole"?

    Whichever it is, there's enough here to fill a zeppelin.

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